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Online culture, tourism services open for public to aid in battle against virus

2020-02-04 14:40:50

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has launched online public culture and tourism services to assist in the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Watch this: Latest tips to prevent novel coronavirus

2020-02-04 11:32:14

As people begin returning home to start work, what can you do to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus? Watch this video to learn what do to in every situation, from returning from the holiday to staying at home and riding public transportation.

Spectacular scene of horses galloping at a snow-clad plateau in N China

2020-02-04 10:45:56

Hold your horse's peeps! And get ready for this stunning ride across a snow-covered plateau in Inner Mongolia, N China.

Chinese lanterns seen at temple in Bangkok

2020-02-04 10:32:26

Chinese lanterns are seen at a temple of Bangkok, Thailand, Jan 28, 2020. 

24 Solar Terms: 9 things you may not know about Start of Spring

2020-02-04 09:56:40

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Spring (Chinese: 立春), the first solar term of the year, begins this year on Feb 4 and ends on Feb 18.

The snow kingdom in NE China

2020-02-04 09:00:00

Check out China's snow kingdom...

Chicago enjoys the wonder of China

2020-02-04 08:28:16

About 100 people gathered in the Claudia Cassidy Theater of the Cultural Center in downtown Chicago on Saturday to watch four short documentary films about Chinese culture and photography.

New Jiangxi library to provide online reading for now

2020-02-04 08:28:50

Apart from the VR word puzzle games played by Deng, visitors entered small booths and followed the words displayed on a screen, reading stories or poems aloud.

At home with history

2020-02-04 08:27:07

Museums in China are holding online exhibitions amid curbs on outdoor activities during the epidemic, Wang Kaihao reports.

Tagore's poetry continues to be inspirational

2020-02-04 08:27:43

Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore in 1913 became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for literature.

Dream collection on show

2020-02-04 08:26:33

An exhibition examining the cultural legacy of Cao Xueqin's literary masterwork Dream of the Red Chamber is now available at the National Museum of China website, Lin Qi reports.

Dumplings win out in Spring Festival food survey

2020-02-03 14:16:01

Dumplings, a staple on the dinner table for many in festival seasons, led the race as the favorite dish for Spring Festival.

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