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Third Confucius Institute opens in Chile, bolstering bond with China

2020-12-12 18:24:02

Chilean and Chinese officials on Thursday inaugurated the Confucius Institute at southern Chile's La Frontera University (UFRO), the third one of its kind in the South American country.

China Culture Camp offers special experience for New Zealand students

2020-12-12 18:24:58

A group of New Zealand secondary students shared their special memory of the China Culture Camp 2020 with culture performances, dances, group speeches and fun games on Friday.

Projects formulated to build national Great Wall culture park

2020-12-12 18:25:31

A number of key national and provincial-level projects have been formulated to build a Great Wall-themed national culture park, according to China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Time for a new look at time, author says

2020-12-12 14:24:17

Time waits for no man, or woman, as the saying goes but it can be managed differently. Certainly, after living in Beijing for 18 years, Christine Cayol, French writer and founder of Yishu 8 Maison des Arts, believes that Chinese people have an approach to time that is beneficial. Indeed, their under

The I who now sits alone at the dining table

2020-12-12 14:25:14

The tried and trusted family unit is facing a challenge, one that has its very own economic model.

Advanced training course opened to Chinese opera inheritors

2020-12-11 16:07:52

An advanced training course on Chinese opera hosted by the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts was completed on Wednesday, marked by a graduation performance by its students.

Winning photos from 2020 Sharing China - Happy Chinese Year contest

2020-12-11 16:08:56

Winning photos from 2020 Sharing China - Happy Chinese Year contest.

Northern destinations join hands to promote winter tourism

2020-12-11 16:01:17

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei jointly kicked off a winter tourism promotion campaign on December 11.

Comedy gets inspiration from China's bathhouse culture

2020-12-11 15:56:47

When director Yi Xiaoxing went to a public bathhouse with his friends, he had a novel experience of the "scrub-dirt" service, a prevailing type of service in northern China, for the first time.

Chinese studio releases latest lineup to expand overseas market

2020-12-11 14:57:03

As one of the country's largest distributors to export Chinese films overseas, CMC Pictures, the film arm of CMC Inc, has recently released a lineup consisting up of nearly 30 films in Beijing, indicating a slice of recovery for domestic filmmakers struggling to survive the pandemic-hit industrial "

Irrigation projects granted heritage status

2020-12-11 13:43:07

BEIJING-Four ancient Chinese irrigation sites were honored as World Heritage irrigation structures on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

UK slashing aid budget sends out 'damaging signal'

2020-12-11 13:44:52

As someone who has spent quite a lot of time in Africa reporting on China's engagement with the continent wherever you went you would often see a familiar logo.

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