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Thailand enterprise cheers Chinese people in fight against coronavirus

2020-02-10 11:50:50

Seacon Square Group donated about 7,000 disposable masks to China through the China Cultural Center in Bangkok on Feb 7.

Exhibition highlights a tale of two cities

2020-02-10 07:20:00

Show explores links between Beijing and Nanjing in the Ming era.

Solidarity in development

2020-02-08 11:25:47

Demand for masks and medical supplies has soared in China due to the coronavirus outbreak. The overall confirmed cases in China had reached more than 31,200 as of Friday, China's National Health Commission said.

Off the beaten trek

2020-02-08 11:06:29

Young Chinese travelers have become a major force in the tourism market and are increasingly willing to pay for comfortable accommodation, even if it means paying a steep price for five-star hotels.

The culture club

2020-02-08 10:44:09

The earliest shuyuan, or academy of classic learning, could date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China.

In the Forbidden City and beyond, the life of cats

2020-02-08 10:23:29

It was a cat named Snow White that got Wu Hongli started. It was a cold night in Shanghai in 2012 and Wu, who began taking photos when he was 19, came across the cat at the backdoor of his workplace.

Qinghai ethnic culture shines in Japan

2020-02-07 17:35:52

A show featuring the Tibetan arts and culture of Northwest China’s Qinghai province was held in Niigata, Japan on Jan 16, kicking off the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations in the country.

US city holds annual Chinese Culture and Cuisine Festival

2020-02-10 08:13:57

Phoenix, capital of US state of Arizona, held its 30th Chinese Culture and Cuisine Festival this weekend to celebrate the Year of the Rat and share Chinese culture with local residents.

Signs of times as virus news reaches people with hearing difficulties

2020-02-10 07:10:00

A sign interpreter appeared at the 10th news conference on the new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing on Tuesday, other than officials and journalists, a first at such events.

Hunan's culture & tourism authority welcomes foreigners after the epidemic

2020-02-10 08:36:53

Full letter of Chen Xianchun, director of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Hunan province.

Seven things you may not know about Lantern Festival

2020-02-08 12:06:31

Feb 8 is the Lantern Festival (or Yuan Xiao Festival in Chinese), a traditional Chinese festival with great significance, which is on the 15th of the first lunar month, marking the end of New Year celebrations.

UK celebrates Chinese New Year with music

2020-02-07 14:50:35

The third Belt and Road China-UK International Music Festival was held in British cities, including London, Oxford, and Cambridge, from Jan 14 to 20 to usher in the Year of the Rat as well as boost cultural exchange between the two countries.

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