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Collection of Chinese Proverbs

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

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For example, "Snowing on the Lantern Festival signifies a bumper harvest the whole year."

"If the stone becomes wet, it is likely to rain heavily."

"Tides bring wind and rainbow stops rains." ---- Guangdong Proverb

 Proverbs on Farming and Sideline

This kind of proverbs reflect the experience and laws of farming, and cover many aspects, such as farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery and hunting, etc..

For example, "Of all trades, agriculture is of the greatest importance."

"People cultivate trees when there is no disaster, and live on trees when there is a disaster."

"A bumper harvest of grain in Suzhou and Changzhou sustains the whole society." ---- Jiangsu Proverb

"The sheep will be full 9 times a day when they eat gritty grass." ---- Ningxia Proverb

 Proverbs on Trades and Business

This kind of proverbs reflect the experience and laws of different trades and business, and cover many aspects, such as selling, buying, trades, crafts, goods transportation, money loan and pawn, etc..For example,

"Large costs with small profits can make large returns; small costs with big profits can only make small returns ."

"Carpenters often prefer long materials, blacksmiths choose short iron and mason and painter seek dirty materials."

The stonemason's tool is a hammer and the blacksmith's one is a hammering block.----Hunan Proverb

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