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Collection of Chinese Proverbs

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

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"No one knows a man better than his own father does."

"Sending your children to school is better than keeping loads of gold."---- Zhejiang Proverb

 Proverbs on Social Customs

All proverbs come from "natural conditions and social customs". This kind or proverbs reflect the special local conditions and customs, and cover many aspects such as local customs, local conditions, local lifestyles, religious beliefs, etc..

For instance, "Live inYangzhou, tour inHangzhou, eat inSuzhouand bury inLiuzhou."

"Jilinboasts three special treasures: ginseng, marten skin and wula grass."

"Within the 800-li-width of Taihu Lke, there are 72 mountains."---- Jiangsu Proverb

"The highest snow mountain is the Chomolungma and the oldest palace is Yumbulakhang Palace."----Tibetan Proverb

"The first day of lunar New Year is less ceremonious than theLantern Festival."---- Jiangsu Proverb

"Dongting Lakeis the lake of all lakes andYueyang Toweris the tower of all towers."---- Hunan Proverb

 Proverbs on Nature

This kind of proverbs reflect the objective laws of natural phenomena and their relations with human beings and cover many aspects, such as astronomical phenomena, weather, seasons, disasters, etc..

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