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Collection of Chinese Proverbs

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

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 Proverbs on Philosophies

All proverbs contain philosophies. "Proverbs on Philosophies" reflect people's basic way of thinking and experiences, and represent the unfocused, unoriented and universal philosophies through abstract generalization and integration of diverse phenomena.

Some of proverbs convey explicit ideas, such as "With justice on your side, you can go anywhere; without it, you can't take a step". Whereas some of them signify implicit ideas such as "If there is an entrance, there must be an exit."

"The Niangguo dukou canoes (a kind of canoe on Yariung Zangbo River) are made of wood, and the canoe maker knows the exact amount of wood a canoe needs."---- Tibetan Proverb

"Shadow puppets can't move on its own and there are puppeteers behind the curtain."---- Hubei Proverb

"High as the clouds are, they are always behind the sun."---- Guangdong Proverb

 Proverbs on Self-Cultivation

This kind of proverbs reflect the basic experience and ways of self-cultivaition among different classes in the society and cover a lot of aspects, such as the cultivation of wills, virtues, wisdoms and behaviors, etc..

For instance, "One can see the bottom of an ocean when it runs dry , but can never see clearly a man's heart when he dies." Yielding to others does not mean weakness; self- possession outweighs others' strength."

"If you want to have people's mind changed, the best way is to go and have a visit at Zhurong (Chinese fire god) Mountains."---- Hunan Proverb

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