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Collection of Chinese Proverbs

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

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 Proverbs on Sociality

This kind of proverbs reflect the basic experience and ways of communications among communities and individuals from all walks of life and cover a wide range of areas, such as making friends, ways of handling different matters, ways of speaking and conversing and abilities to handle emergencies.

For instance, "short accounts make long friendship." "Kind words make one feel warm even in harsh winter, while unpleasant talking makes one feel cold in midsummer."

"Great trees are good for shade."---- Guangdong Proverb

 Proverbs on Politics

This kind of proverbs reflect basic political experience and laws, and cover a lot of aspects, such as states, nations, politics, laws, and armies, wealth, poverty, enemies, friends and social practices.

For instance, "Subjects will support a just and fair country and people will be easy under the leadership of incorruptible rulers."

"Strengthening the military overawes the public and wiping out the evil consolidates a country. "

"Without a leader, a flock of wild geese cannot fly in a line."----Fujian Proverb

"The people are the foundation of the state; the state will be stable if the foundation is firm."

"A family without family rules will break up, while a state without state laws will be in chaos. "

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