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Students learn the art of Ru porcelain in Henan

Updated: 2020-11-16 14:42:44

( Xinhua )

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Students in Baofeng county, Henan province, learn about the making process of Ru porcelain tea sets in the workshop of RuCI enterprise on November 15.[Photo/Xinhua]

More than 90 students of Xichengmen Primary School went to local Ru porcelain enterprises to experience the production skills of Ru porcelain in Baofeng county in Henan province, the site of Ru Guan kiln in the Song Dynasty (AD 420-479) and famous for Ru porcelain, on Nov 15. They visited Ru porcelain works and felt the charm of Ru porcelain culture with the guidance of Ru porcelain artists under the theme "feeling the culture of Ru porcelain from intangible cultural heritage".

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