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At Middle Age


The 1980s is a period that was the most active and witnessed the most achievements of Chinese realistic films.At Middle Age, directed by Wang Qiming and Sun Yu, was a film indicating the realistic pressure upon doctors and the people alike. The film called for the reconsideration of their values to the society.

Actress Pan Hong

The feature film tells about middle-aged ophthalmologist-surgeon Lu Wenting, who reflects on the conflicts between her professional and personal obligations while recovering from a near-fatal heart attack.

Famous film star Pan Hong plays Lu Wenting, who shoulders the excessive burden of society and family with amazing perseverance and devotion. Pan Hong gives an exquisite and deep-going portray of the character with a placid, noble and unsullied quality, radiating an unparalleled tragic beauty. 

Lu Wenting is actually an epitome of middle-aged intellectuals of her times. Her faith and pursuits also reflect the immaterial status. The film won the Best Story Award in the third Gold Rooster Award and the sixth Flower Award.

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