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"Ocean's 8" tops North American box office in opening weekend

2018-06-11 04:25:28

Women-led heist comedy film "Ocean's 8" took the top spot at the North American box office with an estimated 41.5 million US dollars in its opening weekend.

Building bridges with films

2018-06-10 09:26:23

Nearly five years after President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech to launch the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, a movie inspired by an anecdote he related then has taken shape and is scheduled to be out near the end of this year.

Hoping for a monster hit

2018-06-07 08:22:40

In a dimly lit hall, the stage is decorated like a soon-to-erupt volcano. Suddenly, the roars and growls of dinosaurs rattle the floorboards.

Regulatory commission established for online feature film production

2018-06-04 13:36:04

A nationwide commission to regulate and guide the production of online feature films — a genre which has mirrored China's rapid expansion in video-streaming services — was launched in Beijing on May 28.

New commission to regulate production of online films

2018-06-04 13:30:02

A nationwide commission to regulate and guide the production of online films, a special genre which has taken shape in accordance with China's rapid expansion in video-streaming services, was launched in Beijing on May 28.

Online streaming service provider releases original electronic music album

2018-06-01 13:14:23

NetEase Cloud Music, an online music streaming service under Chinese internet company NetEase Inc, released an original electronic music album titled E Energy II, featuring six groups of Chinese musicians.

Animation festival sees Chinese stories gain favor overseas

2018-06-01 11:28:45

The 14th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival dropped its curtain  in May in Hangzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province.

8th edition of Chinese film festival kicks off in Paris

2018-05-31 10:46:05

The 8th edition of Chinese Film Festival in France (FCCF) opened Monday night in Paris, offering French audiences a chance to discover nine Chinese films released last year.

Documentary series looks at the lives of 6 Chinese authors

2018-05-31 09:27:47

Nobel Literature Prize winner Mo Yan says he is the kind of person who dislikes to be on camera, but the novelist has agreed to "star" in an upcoming documentary series.

Web films cleaned up

2018-05-31 09:17:42

As part of recent review of its content quality, iQiyi - one of China's leading online media-streaming platforms - reported that it has removed more than 1,000 titles from its website.

Latest film is purest Jia

2018-05-31 08:22:56

With complex characters and a small-town setting, Jia Zhangke's new gangland flick, Ash Is Purest White, is an epic nostalgic tale told over nearly two decades.

TV drama remade with fewer songs to appeal to modern tastes

2018-05-31 07:42:35

One of the most broadcast TV dramas is The Legend of White Snake, a 50-episode series that debuted in 1992. But the tale, based on a book from the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), is now being remade and stars Yu Menglong and Ju Jingyi.

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