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'Dangal' becomes highest grossing Indian movie in China

2017-05-10 10:43:19

Dangal starring Aamir Khan has become the highest grossing Indian movie in China, making more than 100 million yuan  ($145,000) in four days since released.

A month of screen fun

2017-05-11 06:49:37

A bunch of blockbusters is making its way to the mainland's screens. This month, around 40 movies - including eight imports - have hit or will premiere in mainland theaters.

Biographical film on Bruce Lee to be shot in China and Malaysia

2017-05-09 10:07:25

A biographical film on the boyhood of martial artist Bruce Lee is going to begin shooting this summer.

New Chinese TV series 'Fighting Time'

2017-05-08 09:28:59

Jorge Luis Borges' poetry is usually considered profound and thought-provoking. But an upcoming Chinese TV series will make an effort to bring out the Argentine poet's romantic works.

Script and creative design competition awards high honors in Beijing

2017-05-05 16:34:32

The 4th Xinghao Youth Script and Creative Designing Competition and Award Ceremony was held at the Beiguo Theater of Beijing Normal University on May 4 as a part of the 24th Beijing College Student Film Festival.

New Smurfs cartoon film makes a splash in China

2017-05-04 06:53:26

Nearly 60 years after the Smurfs first appeared in a European magazine, a new animated feature has brought the blue-skin humanoids back to the big screen.

Breaking out of the mold

2017-05-04 06:53:26

Thanks to hits such as The Great Hypnotist and Miss Granny, Leste Chen is one of the most commercially successful Taiwan directors in the Chinese mainland market.

Xu returns to acting role in sci-fi film

2017-05-03 15:16:09

On the heels of directing her seventh feature, The Missing, versatile star Xu Jinglei returns to her most familiar zone as an actress.

Animation 'Monkey King', 'Song of the Sea' winners at China festival

2017-04-29 10:07:44

The 3D adventure "Monkey King: Hero is Back" won the gold prize for animated film at the China International Cartoon and Animation Festival on Wednesday.

Sci-fi film 'Meow' features a cute creature

2017-04-28 13:46:07

Most aliens in Hollywood sci-fi movies look a bit scary, but in the upcoming comedy Meow, the main creature from a remote planet is cute and hairy.

Video giant first live-music concert is a scream

2017-04-28 13:23:44

China's online video giant iQiyi announced to step into on live music concert industry on Monday.

Da Peng's new film tribute to musicians

2017-04-28 11:27:42

Dong Chengpeng, more popular as Da Peng, has unveiled his second directorial film centering on a group of people who struggle to keep their dreams in the music industry alive.

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