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Hong Kong acting duo team up once again for new movie

2018-12-03 11:49:52

Five years on from The White Storm, Hong Kong stars Sean Lau Ching-wan and Nick Cheung Ka-fai join forces once again in the forthcoming film, Integrity, which will hit China’s theaters on Feb 5 — the first day of 2019 Spring Festival.

Veteran choreographer shares tips on doing action scenes

2018-11-29 14:26:37

Shooting an action sequence is usually physically exhausting, but veteran choreographer Sun Mengfei has a special method to make the actors comfortable.

Gambling with an Asian plot

2018-11-29 07:33:32

A Hollywood comedy, which has broken barriers, is set for its mainland debut, Xu Fan reports.

Just can't stop the music

2018-11-28 07:23:54

The popularity of musical reality shows is once again on the rise, and producers are looking to tap into niche markets to ensure the genre's longevity, Wang Kaihao reports.

Chinese Film Week kicks off in Lisbon

2018-11-27 14:34:38

Chinese Film Week kicked off in Portuguese capital Lisbon on Sunday with seven Chinese films on show in cinemas across the country.

DI.FM and NetEase team up on EDM

2018-11-27 14:23:12

Internet radio broadcaster, DI.FM, also known as Digitally Imported, has partnered with NetEase, Inc., one of China's leading internet services with more than 400 million users, by offering Chinese music lovers over 90 channels of 24-hour programming dedicated exclusively to electronic music.

Heading for the deep end

2018-11-22 07:30:43

An upcoming superhero film creates an underwater universe for viewers, Xu Fan reports.

Film about Chinese designer Guo Pei honored

2018-11-21 17:03:41

A film featuring Chinese couture designer Guo Pei won the Essence of Fashion Award at the 7th Fashion Film Festival Chicago.

Banding together

2018-11-21 09:16:06

After a five-hour bus journey and a four-hour flight, four young men made their first trip to Beijing from their hometown, Lianping county, Guangdong province. Instead of visiting tourist attractions, like the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, they walked into a live house venue located in downtown

Power of nine: Winners of a reality show release 1st album

2018-11-21 09:04:13

Nine Percent, the nine-member boy band that came into being through the Chinese reality show Idol Producer broadcast by online streaming service iQiyi this April, released their debut album To the Nines on Nov 12.

Where eagles dare

2018-11-21 07:44:21

From boy-band star to a lead role in hit TV dramas, teen idol Wang Junkai seems to be finding his onscreen feet while earning his acting chops in the process, Xu Fan and Li Yingxue report. Xu Fan/Li Yingxue

Zhang Yimou's film accused of stealing music

2018-11-20 11:50:15

Chinese director Zhang Yimou's recent historical drama "Shadow" has encountered fresh trouble, with a music college teacher and her team filing a lawsuit on Nov 16 accusing the film's production studio of music theft.

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