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Road of Rejuvenation (Video)

An exhibition titled the Road of Rejuvenation illustrating the ups and downs of China’s history since 1840 opened on September 25 at the National Museum of China.

· Tourist sites do roaring business(2009-10-05)
· Chinese president reviews troops to mark 60th National Day(2009-10-01)
· Civilian parade on Tian'anmen Square(2009-10-01)
· Foreigners take part in China's National Day parade(2009-10-01)
· Dragon dancers' excitement mounts(2009-10-01)
· Art show staged to mark CPPCC's 60th founding anniversary(2009-09-21)
· Top Chinese leaders visit exhibition showcasing New China's achievements(2009-09-21)
· Beijing parks join in holiday festivities(2009-09-17)
· All-star movie gives nation's history(2009-09-17)
· Trial lighting display in Beijing for national day(2009-09-15)
· Huge National Flag for Anniversary Celebration(2009-09-14)
· National museum lights up ahead of anniversary(2009-09-11)
· PLA Fine Arts Show(2009-09-09)
· Patriotic Singing Gala held in Beijing(2009-09-09)
· All-star Epic for the 60th Anniversary of PRC to premiere(2009-09-09)
· 60th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC(2009-09-09)

 Overseas Celebrations MORE

Photo exhibition unveils in UN to mark China's 60th anniversary

A photo exhibition unveiled here on September 18 at the UN Headquarters in New York to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

· China's students in Malaysia to hold national day celebration(2009-09-21)
· Photo show for 60th birthday of PRC held in New Zealand(2009-09-17)
· Gathering in California marks China's National Day(2009-09-21)
· Overseas Chinese in Tijuana City of Mexico celebrate the 60th anniversary of the PRC(2009-09-17)
· China Culture Month opens in Rwanda(2009-09-17)
· Overseas Chinese in South Africa celebrate 60th Anniversary of the PRC(2009-09-16)
· Japanese Overseas Chinese celebrate the Anniversary(2009-09-15)
· Overseas Chinese in Japan publish E-magazine(2009-09-15)
· Overseas Chinese in Canada to hold activities to celebrate the 60th birthday of new China(2009-09-15)
· Chinese in Australia celebrate China’s 60th birthday(2009-09-14)
· The first cultural exchange event in Greece to celebrate China’s 60th birthday(2009-09-10)
· Overseas Chinese Administration of Brazil celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the PRC(2009-09-10)
· Chinese ambassador to Indonesia holds concert to celebrate 60th Anniversary(2009-09-10)
· Chinese overseas in Silicon Valley prepare for the National Day(2009-09-10)
· Chinese in Spain Plan Concert for China’s 60th Birthday(2009-09-10)
· Overseas Chinese in Romania hold activities to celebrate China’s 60th birthday(2009-09-09)

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