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Festival Carnival
· Road of Rejuvenation (Video)(2009-10-20)
· Tourist sites do roaring business(2009-10-05)
· Chinese president reviews troops to mark 60th National Day(2009-10-01)
· Civilian parade on Tian'anmen Square(2009-10-01)
· Foreigners take part in China's National Day parade(2009-10-01)
· Dragon dancers' excitement mounts(2009-10-01)
· Art show staged to mark CPPCC's 60th founding anniversary(2009-09-21)
· Top Chinese leaders visit exhibition showcasing New China's achievements(2009-09-21)
· Beijing parks join in holiday festivities(2009-09-17)
· All-star movie gives nation's history(2009-09-17)
· Trial lighting display in Beijing for national day(2009-09-15)
· Huge National Flag for Anniversary Celebration(2009-09-14)
· National museum lights up ahead of anniversary(2009-09-11)
· PLA Fine Arts Show(2009-09-09)
· Patriotic Singing Gala held in Beijing(2009-09-09)
· All-star Epic for the 60th Anniversary of PRC to premiere(2009-09-09)
· 60th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC(2009-09-09)
· People Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Founding of PRC(2009-09-09)
· China to turn on Massive Show for National Day(2009-09-09)
· Beijing to issue Movie Coupons ahead of National Day(2009-09-09)
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· How many national flags have been raised in Tian'anmen Square since the foundation of the PRC?
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