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  China's students in Malaysia to hold national day celebration  

China Student Federation Malaysia is organizing a grand celebration on September 29 to celebrate new China's 60th birthday.

The organizing committee head Qi Qianbo told Xinhua here on Friday that the activity aimed to bring together China's students here to share the historic occasion.

China's students here also assume the role of "friendly ambassador" between China and Malaysia, bringing closer the relationship between Chinese and Malaysian students, he said.

By creating a stage for students of both China and Malaysia to take part in performance, friendly relationship could be established, added Qi.

About 800 participants including students from both countries as well as the Malaysian public are expected to turn up at the grand function.

Various performances ranging from Chinese cultural dances to Malay songs would be presented by some 40 to 50 students, said Qi.

Qi said that this was the third time for the association, which was formed in March 2007, to organize such a grand event.

The idea of celebrating new China's 60th anniversary was voiced at the end of July, said Qi.

He also said that in the last two months, concerted efforts were made to ensure the success of this grand event.

Qi said everything was almost well prepared for the celebration function.

Currently, performers were doing their rehearsal so that any shortfall could be rectified immediately, he added.

Editor: Feng Hui

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