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Cultural Exchange:
Coming-in VS Going-out

Chinese president reviews troops to mark 60th National Day

President Hu Jintao Thursday inspected the country's defense forces in Beijing in celebration of the 60th founding anniversary of New China.


Civilian parade on Tian'anmen Square

Civilian paraders marched through Tian'anmen Square Thursday morning as another centerpiece of the National Day fete to mark the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

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· Gathering in California marks China's National Day(2009-09-21)
· Overseas Chinese in Tijuana City of Mexico celebrate the 60th anniversary of the PRC(2009-09-17)
 Gallery MORE
Exchanges in Culture
New China has established and flourished cultural exchanges with other countries in photography, music, publishing and film.
· China’s Photographic Exchanges with the Outside World
· Music Exchanges of New China with the Outside World
· China’s Publishing Exchanges with the Outside World
· New China’s Film Exchanges with the Outside World
Review of 60 Years' Cultural Exchanges
The People’s Republic of China has embarked on cultural exchanges with the outside world in the past 60 years since it was founded in 1949.
· I. Prelude
· Ⅱ. Variation
· Ⅲ.Climax (Cultural Diplomacy)
· Ⅲ.Climax (Overseas Cultural Publicity)
· Ⅲ.Climax (Overseas Cultural Trade)
· Leaders Greatly Emphasize Cultural Exchange
Fashion trends usually start in metropolises like Shanghai and Guangzhou and then spread inland.
· Evolution of wedding in China
· Reform, opening up bring change in people's thinking
· Metamorphosis of Wedding Over 30 years
· Life and culture after 30 years of opening up
· Coupon Collection --Memory of an Era
· Changes in Nightlife
Changing China in Foreigners' Eyes
Beijing is changing rapidly and I am excited to see what China's metamorphosis has in store for the future.
· "The changes are almost unimaginable"
· 60 years witnesses substantial changes in China
· From change of transportation sees a changing China
· How you have changed since we first met
· Dutch analyst: China makes contributions to world
· China has blazed a trail of development suited to its conditions
In-Depth MORE
Why the power of culture means culture is power
Zhao Shaohua: Using people power to promote our country
Ambassadors’ Interview MORE
Interview with Former Chinese Ambassador Hua Liming
· How many national flags have been raised in Tian'anmen Square since the foundation of the PRC?
· 1949: Highlight of the PRC Founding Ceremony
· National Day Origins in Different Countries
· How is the time of the flag raising ceremony in Tian'anmen Square set?
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