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The way we were during past 30 years

Fashion trends usually start in metropolises like Shanghai and Guangzhou and then spread inland.

· Evolution of wedding in China
· Reform, opening up bring change in people's thinking
· Metamorphosis of Wedding Over 30 years
· Life and culture after 30 years of opening up
· Coupon Collection --Memory of an Era
· Changes in Nightlife
· Catchphrases etched in history
· 30 years of change in images

 Changing China in Foreigners Eyes  

Changing Beijing, Changing China

Beijing is changing rapidly and I am excited to see what China's metamorphosis has in store for the future.

· "The changes are almost unimaginable"
· China – Then and Now
· My life has been changing along with China
· 60 years witnesses substantial changes in China
· From change of transportation sees a changing China
· How you have changed since we first met
· Dutch analyst: China makes contributions to world
· China has blazed a trail of development suited to its conditions
· Egyptian official: China's achievements hailed by the world
· China's voice to be heard in tackling crisis
· Polish diplomat: 'I witnessed China's development'
· Latin America should learn from China's experience
· Camera of German reporter tracks China's changes
· 30 years of development in eyes of an Austrian
· Moving forward, looking back

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Interview with Former Chinese Ambassador Hua Liming
· How many national flags have been raised in Tian'anmen Square since the foundation of the PRC?
· 1949: Highlight of the PRC Founding Ceremony
· National Day Origins in Different Countries
· How is the time of the flag raising ceremony in Tian'anmen Square set?
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