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PLA kicks off grand military parade

Aircrafts present air force show on National Day celebrations

Hu Jintao reviews Chinese troops

Gala zest sweeps China

Gun salute battalion ready for celebrations

Achievements exhibition of New China in past six decades opens in Beijing

Huge hot-air ballon raised in Shanghai for 60th birthday of PRC

Reception held in London to celebrate upcoming National Day

Aerial photos of New Yangzhou taken to mark 60th National Day
Reflections of the Modern Chinese Lifestyle More

Soldiers march through the Xisi Archway in Beijing in February 1949

A boy jumps from a stairway at Caochang Sitiao hutong in Beijing in June 2006

Four British tourists place potted flowers on their heads to call for the construction of more beautiful gardens in 1999

More than 400 poverty-stricken parents enjoy free beds in the school's stadium

Patrons eat while enjoying a performance at the Beijing Kiev Restaurant in 2005

Yangyang, aged 3, kisses a beluga at the Qingdao Ocean Park

One of the many students that sat for the national university entrance examination when it resumed in 1977

Dong ethnic minority girls sing during Spring Festival celebrations in 1957

Hua Tianyou sculpts The May 4th Movement of 1919, a relief on the Monument to People's Heroes
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A new era

The people in charge

A great family of 56 ethnic groups

Freedom of belief

Equality of the sexes

Reform and opening

The Household Responsibility System

The northern forest belt

Science and technology: the primary productive force
In-Depth MORE
Why the power of culture means culture is power
Zhao Shaohua: Using people power to promote our country
Ambassadors’ Interview MORE
Interview with Former Chinese Ambassador Hua Liming
· How many national flags have been raised in Tian'anmen Square since the foundation of the PRC?
· 1949: Highlight of the PRC Founding Ceremony
· National Day Origins in Different Countries
· How is the time of the flag raising ceremony in Tian'anmen Square set?
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