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  Road of Rejuvenation (Video)  

An exhibition illustrating the ups and downs of China’s history since 1840 opened on September 25 at the National Museum of China.

The exhibition, titled the Road of Rejuvenation, highlighted important historical events that Chinese people have experienced, from the time China’s doors were violently forced open by foreign powers to the time its first taikonaut floated in space.

With 980 pictures and many valuable relics, the exhibition is divided into five chapters according to different time periods. It focuses on struggles staged by Chinese people for freedom and liberation. It also showcases the country's revival in the last few decades.

The exhibition was first shown in October 2007 at the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution in Beijing. The exhibition was staged to mark the 60th anniversary of New China after the organizers made revisions and added content to the previous show.

The exhibition is scheduled for two months and ends on November 29.

Reporter: Dong Lin

Editor: Dong Lin & Wen Yi



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