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Acclaimed Chinese dance drama to make U.S. premiere in NYC

2019-07-15 09:40:17

A stunning production of celebrated Chinese dance master Yang Liping's troupe will make its U.S. premiere at New York's Lincoln Center on Aug. 8, according to the cultural institution.

Overseas tourism promotion key to Chinese cities 'going out'

2019-07-12 10:01:29

Chinese cities have been fully geared in recent years to promote their unique local culture overseas through diverse cultural activities, such as exhibitions and performances.

Over 200 Afghan cultural relics exhibited in E China

2019-07-12 10:25:47

A total of 231 Afghan cultural relics are being exhibited in Nanjing Museum in east China's Jiangsu Province, according to the museum.

World Heritage Committee closes Baku session, adding 29 new sites to heritage list

2019-07-11 09:36:35

The 43rd session of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee wrapped up on Wednesday, with a total of 29 new sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.

China's Chongqing culture, landscape showcased in New Zealand

2019-07-11 09:38:51

An exhibition on prints and landscape in China's Chongqing municipality has opened here Wednesday, offering visitors a great opportunity to know the unique culture in southwest China.

Rwanda's Confucius institute celebrates 10th anniversary

2019-07-11 10:31:54

Confucius Institute at the University of Rwanda on Wednesday held performances to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the institute.

Forum showcases fusion of Asian traditional art

2019-07-09 09:58:52

Asian Arts Towards the Future, a forum co-hosted by Beijing Normal University and National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, took place in Beijing from July 1 to 5.

Kung fu musical tells survival story of Chinese immigrants in NYC

2019-07-09 10:02:59

A kung fu musical that tells a survival story of Chinese immigrants in New York City (NYC) has been staged at the Big Apple's new landmark, Hudson Yards.

Chinese traditional arts and crafts exhibition opens in Valletta

2019-07-03 09:46:09

An exhibition showcasing Chinese traditional arts and crafts opened here on Tuesday.

Exhibition reveals poetic side of Picasso

2019-06-28 14:09:13

An ongoing exhibition titled "Picasso, Esritor' (Writer Picasso) at the Cervantes Institute in Beijing through September, offers the public a chance to know that the Spanish genius who changed the world of art was also a poet.

Chinese-Moroccan Fashion Show kicks off in Rabat

2019-06-28 10:15:58

As one of events of the 2019 China Tourism and Culture Week in Morocco, Chinese-Moroccan Fashion Show was held Wednesday night in Rabat, capital of Morocco.

Traditional Chinese medicine promotion kicks off in New Zealand

2019-06-28 10:16:03

A traditional Chinese medicine promotion kicked off at the New Zealand Parliament Building on Thursday.

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