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Exhibitions illustrate China's march of progress

2019-03-09 10:00:00

The exhibition, Empresses of China's Forbidden City, on loan from Beijing, features around 200 artifacts telling the stories of the most powerful women of the Qing Dynasty.

Chinese music is loved by the world: political adviser

2019-03-09 17:46:24

Chinese music has gradually been understood, accepted and loved by people from around the world, Liu Yuening, leading yangqin (a Chinese dulcimer) performer, Central Conservatory of Music professor, and national political adviser said on Saturday.

Chinese Community Stage Festival event held in Wellington, New Zealand

2019-03-11 13:25:03

The Museum of New Zealand held the Chinese Community Stage Festival event on Saturday to celebrate the 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism.

Breaking stereotypes

2019-03-07 07:10:00

When Martha and Niki participated in Juste Debout, an international annual street dance contest, in 2010, the duo didn't expect to make history as the competition's first female champions in hip-hop dancing, traditionally a male-dominated area.

US city resumes Chinese parade

2019-03-07 07:15:00

The small city of Millbrae in Northern California, United States, wants to create an opportunity for its residents, especially Asian-Americans, to learn more about Chinese culture.

Silk Road-themed concert held in Cairo

2019-03-05 14:41:25

A Chinese singer performs at the China Cultural Center in Cairo on Feb 27, 2019. More than 10 Chinese State-level artists staged a concert featuring both traditional Chinese folk music and classical tunes from countries along the ancient Silk Road.

China Institute to launch new program on traditional Chinese music

2019-03-05 10:17:03

China Institute will launch a new educational program on traditional Chinese music in partnership with the Bard College Conservatory of Music (BCCM) on Sunday.

An island looks overseas

2019-03-05 07:10:00

Favorable visa policies, more international flights and tax rebates have accelerated Hainan province's inbound tourism.

For legendary French artist, her work shows courage and curiosity

2019-03-05 07:05:00

The works of a legendary French-born and American-raised artist who is widely recognized for her monumental sculptures are currently on show in Beijing for the first time. And this is probably in keeping with the way she felt.

Online album promoting traditional Chinese folk music released

2019-03-04 15:44:34

China Record Group and 13 Month Cultural Communication have launched a project to revive traditional Chinese folk music by inviting Chinese folk musicians and contemporary international musicians to rearrange classic Chinese folk music pieces.

Jilin province set to be home to UN health tourism project

2019-03-04 07:30:00

A United Nations' demonstration project for sustainable development, as well as health and wellness tourism, was launched at the Lianhuashan Ecotourism resort in Changchun, Northeast China's Jilin province, in January.

Francophonie Festival to kick off in Beijing

2019-03-01 14:18:07

The annual Francophonie Festival is ready to rock your world as variety of activities in the field of music, art, book, cinema and sport will be unveiled to anyone interested in French culture and language this month in Beijing.

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