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Chinese farmers' paintings exhibition held in Fiji

2019-07-25 09:25:45

The Chinese farmers' paintings exhibition kicked off on Wednesday in Suva, capital of Fiji, winning praise from both Fijian and Chinese guests.

Chinese, German universities hold art festival in Beijing

2019-07-23 10:42:33

Four Chinese universities and four German counterparts are jointly holding an art festival in Beijing from Monday to Friday.

Virtual concert in Shanghai attracts 10,000 audience members

2019-07-22 09:27:25

Nearly 10,000 audience members attended a concert of virtual singers in Shanghai Friday night, said Bilibili, a popular Chinese online video sharing platform.

Malaysia adds entry points for visa on arrival program for Chinese tourists

2019-07-22 09:28:47

Malaysia will grant visa-on-arrival to six more entry points for Chinese tourists, the government announced on Friday.

Exhibition shows China through lens of French photographer

2019-07-19 09:40:47

An exhibition showcasing photos taken by French photographer Bruno Barbey in China between 1970s and 1980s opened at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) Thursday.

Rare relics from Three Kingdoms period exhibited in Japan

2019-07-18 08:11:54

With 161 precious Chinese cultural relics, the exhibition Three Kingdoms: Unveiling The Story opened to visitors at the Tokyo National Museum in the Japanese capital on July 9.

Instrumentalist helps people understand 'Celestial Beauty' of Chinese pipa

2019-07-16 16:11:30

As an internationally renowned instrumentalist of the pipa (a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard), Wu Man for decades has spared no effort in promoting the traditional Chinese musical instrument throughout the world.

World class performers

2019-07-17 08:38:19

To boost the communication and exchange among Asian traditional art forms, universities from both home and abroad joined hands to put on a feast for the senses, while experts engaged in dialogues about the future of Asian arts.

New Zealanders learn Chinese calligraphy in Wellington

2019-07-15 16:24:20

A child is guided as she learns to write the Chinese character for "love" using an ink brush at an art gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, on July 11, 2019. It's a sideline event of "Image & Imagination: China-New Zealand-Australia Art Exhibition", which showcases representative artworks of artists

Chinese film fest draws fans in Egypt

2019-07-11 07:36:46

The Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo held the opening ceremony for a film festival to display popular Chinese movies to an Egyptian audience as part of the cultural exchange between China and Egypt on June 30.

Acclaimed Chinese dance drama to make U.S. premiere in NYC

2019-07-15 09:40:17

A stunning production of celebrated Chinese dance master Yang Liping's troupe will make its U.S. premiere at New York's Lincoln Center on Aug. 8, according to the cultural institution.

Overseas tourism promotion key to Chinese cities 'going out'

2019-07-12 10:01:29

Chinese cities have been fully geared in recent years to promote their unique local culture overseas through diverse cultural activities, such as exhibitions and performances.

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