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Belt and Road Brand Expo showcases regional wares

2018-07-07 02:23:41

Exquisite products such as chalcedony from Madagascar, ebony carvings from Ghana and brands used by British royal families were featured at the recently concluded Belt and Road Brand Expo in Shanghai.

National Ballet of China wins huge applause in Kazakhstan

2018-07-05 15:23:42

National Ballet of China was invited to the 2nd Eurasian Dance Festival held in Astana, Kazakhstan, from June 28 to July 2. It was the first time for the team to perform in a Central Asian country.

Bulgarian Literary classics get Chinese translation

2018-07-05 10:15:37

The Bulgarian Short Story Collection (Baojialiya Zhongduanpian Xiaoshuoji), a compilation of classic Bulgarian fiction stories, was recently published by People's Literature Publishing House.

New era for China-Africa media links

2018-07-05 07:50:18

A slew of cooperation projects is helping to provide thousands of African households with access to satellite TV stations and Chinese series and films, reports Fang Aiqing.

Documentary looks at China's close links with Cambodia

2018-07-05 07:41:15

When late Cambodian king Norodom Sihanouk's late son Norodom Naradipo studied at Beijing No 25 Middle School, he was curious about how ancient Chinese referred to his motherland.

China-UK Pop Music Summit draws to close in Beijing

2018-07-03 10:19:45

The inaugural four-day China-UK Pop Music Summit was held in Beijing from 28 June to July 1, which gathered together experts and performers from China and the United Kingdom.

China show in Liverpool goes big

2018-07-03 08:09:27

LONDON-The exhibition of China's Terracotta Warriors has helped the National Museums Liverpool attract a record number of visitors.

The virtue of patents

2018-07-03 07:33:18

Delaware's Hagley Museum brings its collection of 19th-century US patent models to China for the first time, Lin Qi reports.

Symposium looks at Sino-British partnerships

2018-07-01 22:00:59

Academics and business leaders gathered in London on Friday for a symposium on the future of UK-China collaborations.

Sofia exhibition combines art from China, CEEC

2018-07-03 14:08:05

A new exhibition titled "Similarities and Diversities in Symbiosis - China & CEEC Contemporary Art" opened at the China Cultural Center in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, on Monday, offering a peek into modern art in China and the Central and Eastern European countries.

Vietnamese charmed by creative Chinese cultural products

2018-06-30 10:38:12

Unique cultural products encapsulating China's classical themes, modern features, traditional values and lively creativeness have been capturing the hearts of many Vietnamese people.

Beijing dance gala celebrates China-Cote d'Ivoire ties

2018-07-02 14:14:43

The fast, ever-changing footwork of dancers from the Sotheca art troupe in Cote d'Ivoire captivated audience members in Beijing on Sunday night. The lightning-quick moves were part of a 60-minute program, where Chinese and Ivorian dancers took center stage at the National theater of China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble to show the two countries' diverse dancing cultures.

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