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Shanghai film festival releases new-style poster

2019-03-19 14:33:08

The organizer of the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival on March 18 released an official poster that drew inspiration from a Monkey King-themed film Havoc in Heaven.

Guangzhou documentary festival solicits entries worldwide

2019-03-19 11:22:34

The 17th Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China's only national-level documentary festival, has started accepting submissions worldwide.

Treasures from the Palace Museum showcased in Moscow

2019-03-18 16:50:20

[Russian guests attend the opening ceremony of the Palace Museum’s Flourishing 18th Century of China exhibition. Photo/ Chinese Embassy in Russia]

Exhibition sheds light on the history of Peru

2019-03-19 09:15:18

"The old world should understand the new world, regarded by them as barbaric,because neither is barbaric nor even has been," says the prologue of the book General history of Peru by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

'French Gourment' festival to be celebrated in 150 countries

2019-03-19 09:23:10

The fifth "French Gourmet" festival will be held on Mar 21 in over 150 countries all over the world.

Wanted: Your short stories, info, photos of ASEAN cultural festivals

2019-03-19 09:41:46

ASEAN-China Centre (ACC) is scheduled to Collect ASEAN Short Stories and Information of ASEAN Cultural Festivals.

Chinese fiction contributes to record sales figure in the UK

2019-03-15 14:32:46

UK readers set a new record in translated fiction sales in 2018, with Chinese science-fiction and contributing to the surge.

Learning Chinese increasingly popular in Lebanon amid growing trade ties

2019-03-16 09:20:43

The increasing trade ties between Lebanon and China have encouraged more Lebanese to be involved in the Chinese culture and traditions.

'Shining pearl' takes center stage in Peking Opera

2019-03-18 08:25:00

Harbin girl overcomes disability to show great talent in the performance art.

Moroccans learn kung fu at cultural center in Rabat

2019-03-18 15:02:13

Moroccans practice Chinese kung fu at the China Cultural Center in Rabat, capital of Morocco, March 9, 2019. Kung fu master Yang Zhen taught nearly 50 martial arts lovers at the event, accompanied by a briefing on approaches, the history and current status of the age-old practice.

Modern Chinese art exhibited in Berlin

2019-03-18 15:08:55

The China Cultural Center in Berlin is displaying artworks from the Chinese economic center of Shanghai through May 6.

LA museum acquires work of Chinese artist

2019-03-14 07:54:34

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the western United States, announced recently the purchase of Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi's painting Untitled (2018) for its permanent collection.

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