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Beijing dance gala celebrates China-Cote d'Ivoire ties

2018-07-02 14:14:43

The fast, ever-changing footwork of dancers from the Sotheca art troupe in Cote d'Ivoire captivated audience members in Beijing on Sunday night. The lightning-quick moves were part of a 60-minute program, where Chinese and Ivorian dancers took center stage at the National theater of China Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble to show the two countries' diverse dancing cultures.

Collections from Russian palace museum on display in Beijing

2018-06-29 11:08:44

An exhibition displaying more than 200 pieces of art works and collections from a Russian palace museum opened Thursday in Beijing's Summer Palace.

Former Japanese PM donates large number of books to Chinese library

2018-06-29 07:17:13

Few in China know that former Japanese prime minister Morihiro Hosokawa is an enthusiast of traditional Chinese culture, particularly poetry from the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Silk Road cultural project offers Ukrainians insight into western China

2018-06-28 14:22:25

The Silk Road cultural project Experience China 2018 -- the culture of western China in Ukraine kicked off here on Tuesday, offering the local public a glance into art, music and traditions of western China.

Australian aboriginal bark paintings to tour throughout China

2018-06-26 07:37:09

An aboriginal art exhibition called Old Masters: Australia's Great Bark Artists will travel from the National Museum of Australia to China.

Chinese cultural delegation to visit Turkey

2018-06-25 15:50:59

This year is being marked as Turkey Tourism Year across China and cultural exchanges between the two countries are being intensified.

Rare book donation fosters China-Japan bond

2018-06-26 15:51:18

To mark the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Sino-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty, Japan's Eisei Bunko Museum donated 4,175 ancient Chinese books to the National Library of China on Tuesday.

Show time in Shanghai

2018-06-25 07:22:24

A new Chinese-language production of hit Broadway and West End musical Beauty and the Beast has just opened at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, Zhang Kun reports.

Curtain call for first SCO Film Festival

2018-06-21 07:34:49

The first SCO Film Festival unveils a slew of cinematic exchanges, as member nations plan to embark on a new era of artistic collaboration. Xu Fan reports.

Chinese festival going global with dragon boats

2018-06-20 14:48:50

The Dragon Boat Festival was celebrated among overseas Chinese communities worldwide over the weekend with the specialty food Zongzi, but not necessarily a dragon boat race, both widely seen as its logos.

China, Spain celebrate an evening of ancient court music

2018-06-11 07:32:38

It's common these days to see Chinese and Western musicians work to create musical pieces that combine elements from both genres.

Staging a tour de force

2018-06-10 09:20:54

Russian State Ballet is back in China to perform a number of classic works, including a new production of the nation's perennial favorite, Swan Lake. Chen Nan reports

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