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New book on China's banking transformation

2017-04-14 06:52:01

James Stent insists China is not heading for a banking or financial crisis any time soon. The 71-year-old veteran banker says those who argue this underestimate the ability of China's financial managers to deal with the current pressing issues.

Popular TV series makes original work run out of stock

2017-04-13 13:34:09

The novel behind the popular television drama In the Name of People has sold out in bookstores, both online and physical, around the nation.

Revival of creativity

2017-04-13 07:12:01

Acclaimed architect Wang Shu completes a decade at the helm of an experimental school. Wang Kaihao reports from Hangzhou.

Chinese directors set to pick best domestic film

2017-04-13 07:12:01

Which domestic film is the best in the eyes of Chinese directors? The answer will be revealed at the upcoming Eighth China Film Directors' Guild Awards.

Spy stories get new lease of life on the small screen

2017-04-13 07:12:01

From conspiracies to action, television series based on spy stories have long been a popular genre on China's small screen.

Spring attracts hundreds of climbers to Tibet's peaks

2017-04-13 06:52:21

More than 300 mountaineers from around the world will try to conquer some of the planet's highest peaks during this year's spring climbing season in the Tibet autonomous region.

Chinese street snack deemed a hit in NYC

2017-04-12 15:09:54

Jianbing, a popular Chinese street snack, has lately taken New York City by storm. Brian Goldberg, founder of Mr Bing, and Reuben Shorser, co-founder of the Jianbing Company, both discovered jianbing while studying Mandarin in Beijing. After returning to New York, they both started their own jianbing businesses.

US choreographer creates ballet inspired by Chinese poetry

2017-04-12 14:16:21

A ballet combining Neumeier's Song of the Earth and Spring and Fall, will be staged at the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center from May 12-14.

Post-pop stars

2017-04-12 07:17:39

Indie songwriters and performers are grabbing their share of attention and sales as the internet opens up the music scene. Chen Nan reports.

How to raise your profile at work - without boasting

2017-04-12 07:17:39

Whenever I speak to people about raising their profile at work, I am generally met with horrified looks.

Silk Road fair to showcase international brands in Fujian

2017-04-11 17:09:37

The Third Maritime Silk Road International Brand Expo and the 20th Straits Textile & Clothing Fair will be held in Shishi in Fujian province from April 18 to 20.

Female painter brushes sparkles in her life

2017-04-11 15:02:23

The National Art Museum of China has launched its latest exhibition, titled "The Sparkle of Life", which features20 works of an academic artist, Yan Ping.

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