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Paris show spotlights Sino-French art exchanges

2019-04-02 10:56:45

An exhibition celebrating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of China-France diplomatic relations and decades of people-to-people exchanges opened March 24 at the China Cultural Center in Paris.

Australian mission in China promotes writers from Down Under

2019-04-02 10:37:50

Australian literature has become more known to Chinese people in recent years. To further promote Australian literature in China, the 12th Australian Writers Week was held from March 20 to 27.

Finding a new secret to success

2019-04-02 10:02:15

Despite having his books translated into 30 languages worldwide, China's best-known spy writer Mai Jia has not published a new work in eight years.

Chinese paintings portray Qingming Festival

2019-04-02 09:36:55

Many painters have left us a number of notable works portraying the Qingming Festival. Let's take a look.

Local traditions in Tongxiang fascinate foreigners

2019-04-02 09:18:58

The activity "Discover Tongxiang", co-organized by the government of Tongxiang city and China Daily, was launched Saturday in Tongxiang city, East China's Zhejiang province.

Year of Tourism to boost links with New Zealand

2019-04-01 11:34:53

The 2019 China-New Zealand Year of Tourism officially kicked off with encouraging messages from government leaders of both sides.

A unique 'journey': Beijing show explores travel and culture

2019-04-01 11:01:07

The ongoing exhibition A Journey in Love - which opens with a panda statue slowly circling around a green-walled room - explores the experiences of travelers connecting with different cultures in the form of installations, pictures and short animated films.

'Elder brother': Leslie Cheung remembered

2019-04-01 10:32:09

April 1 is a special day for fans of Leslie Cheung. This year, it marks the 16th anniversary of the death of the singer and actor due to depression.

Exhibition on reform of Tibet opens in Beijing

2019-04-01 09:22:18

An exhibition in Beijing showcasing democratic reforms in the Tibet autonomous region provides detailed insights on the historical movement that ended a social system based on the oppression and economic exploitation of serfs and slaves, visitors said on Sunday.

Art is just a form of 'agri-culture'

2019-03-30 10:19:19

Lan Youjiang's life might have turned out quite differently, if it weren't for the art of farmer paintings, which feature elements of rural life.

Archaeology's best new finds shape history

2019-03-30 02:02:29

Discoveries unearthed last year provide clearer views through mists of the past.

China's top 10 archaeological new discoveries revealed

2019-03-29 11:51:58

The annual list of "Oscars of Chinese Archaeology" was released in Beijing on Friday.

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