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Forum urges social responsibility in the integration of culture and tourism

2018-12-19 11:26:30

Over 500 tourism corporation representatives, experts and government officials recently gathered in Beijing for a forum to discuss tourism companies’ social responsibility in the integration of culture and tourism.

China Cultural Center in Morocco's Rabat launched

2018-12-19 15:24:42

The China Cultural Center in Rabat was officially inaugurated on Tuesday in Morocco's capital. 

Top 10 cultural programs in 2018

2018-12-19 09:40:40

Here is a review of the top 10 cultural programs in 2018 and an exploration of the vitality of high-quality cultural programs.

Altay in major push to boost winter tourism

2018-12-19 10:30:37

Altay, located in northern part of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, seeks to tap into its rich winter tourist resources and become a hot tourist destination for snow sports and snow-related tourist market, said the local tourist authorities at a promotion event held in Beijing on Monday.

Key questions

2018-12-19 07:00:00

A growing number of people, especially children, with visual impairments are learning piano. But they face challenges that teachers and parents are working to overcome.

TV story of country's reform airs worldwide

2018-12-18 08:57:11

As the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up policy approaches, many foreigners may still wonder how this tremendous change happened in the country. A cross-border TV coproduction presented in English that debuted on Saturday sets out to answer that question.

Sydney gets a glimpse of Chinese ink wash painting

2018-12-17 16:07:43

The exhibition, International Tour of Traditional Chinese Paintings, was held at the China Cultural Center in Sydney from Dec 11 to 13, offering local people a chance to learn about the age-old traditional Chinese art.

Six novels written by Eryue He

2018-12-17 14:17:37

On Dec 15 before dawn, novelist Ling Jiefang, better known by his pseudonym Eryue He, died in Beijing at the age of 73.

Guinean govt cultural delegation pays visit to China

2018-12-14 10:27:01

Yu Qun, a member of the leadership of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, met with several government cultural delegations led by Sanoussy Bantama Sow, Guinea's Minister of Sports, Culture and Historical Heritage, in Beijing on Dec 7.

First China-Rwanda Friendship Cup Photo Contest launched in Beijing

2018-12-13 14:14:11

The launch ceremony of the first China-Rwanda Friendship Cup Photo Contest was recently held at Rwanda’s embassy in Beijing.

Chinese designer explains his philosophy at symposium in India

2018-12-13 14:57:39

Chinese designer Liang Jianguo says:“Design is based on 20 percent of the past, 50 percent of the present, and 30 percent of the future.”

New TV show promotes traditional culture

2018-12-12 08:16:32

In a bid to elevate traditional performers to star status among the nation's youth, Wang Ning has launched a TV talent show with a twist, "The Chinese Youth".

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