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A place to create a creative space

2017-03-22 07:32:23

It's where imaginative youth imagine. Soft music wafts from a record player perched next to the cafe's bar.

When one job isn't enough

2017-03-22 07:17:57

The Western trend of taking on several jobs at once has arrived in China.

Riverbed offers up clues on lost ancient treasures

2017-03-21 07:30:23

Archaeologists in Sichuan province have recovered what they believe is the lost treasure of Zhang Xianzhong, a rebel leader whose fleet was sunk almost 400 years ago.

New creative space in Beijing offers a truly chic presentation

2017-03-21 08:34:16

Photos of bottles found in an Amsterdam canal, vintage jewelry, antique coins and videos on light are displayed at a chic show at a new art space in Sanlitun, an entertainment hub in Beijing.

Food Insider: 10 ways to enjoy spring-fresh asparagus

2017-03-20 15:17:12

Find asparagus and use it in a breakfast dish, appetizer, soup or even dessert to inspire your next cooking experiment.

French and proud

2017-03-21 08:04:41

A global celebration of the world's most venerated cuisine has doubled in size since last year, Mike Peters reports, with many French restaurants in China offering menus that look far beyond foie gras and champagne.

In tune with the times

2017-03-21 07:36:22

A German fair comes to China in the hope of drawing young art lovers.

25 years of Hauser & Wirth to be celebrated at HK Art Basel

2017-03-21 07:53:47

Iwan and Manuela Wirth-the art world's power couple-have their hands full with meetings ahead of Art Basel Hong Kong, which begins on Thursday.

Exhibition on the Dongba culture of China's Naxi people opens in Tokyo

2017-03-20 13:33:02

As part of the cultural activities to mark the 45th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic ties an exhibition dedicated to the Dongba culture of China's ethnic Naxi group opened in Tokyo last week.

Legendary musician Chuck Berry dies at 90

2017-03-20 10:01:07

American musician Chuck Berry, also known as "father of Rock'n'Roll", was found dead at his home in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, according to local police. He was 90.

'Beauty and the Beast' blasts through box office records with $350m debut

2017-03-20 09:43:41

Disney's live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast blasted through box office records to open with an estimated $170 million in North American ticket sales and $180 million overseas.

Colombia tries to attract more Chinese visitors

2017-03-20 07:50:17

Colombia is making a serious push to attract more Chinese visitors.

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