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Another Indian star

2018-03-08 07:32:29

With the recent release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, one more 'Khan' from Bollywood is starting to make waves on China's big screens.

'Haier Brothers' soon to make a comeback

2018-03-08 09:33:28

“When thunder crashes, it will rain, leiou; when it rains, you have to hold an umbrella, leiou; when it’s cold, you have to put on a heavy jacket, leiou.” From the lyrics, can you tell what song it is?

'Easy to get married' style: Trendy or tacky?

2018-03-07 08:55:15

Recently, a fashion trend named "easy to get married" style has sparked a series of debates on the internet since November.

Days,dates and sense of duty

2018-03-07 08:20:02

A group of history buffs have found a significant way of marking the new year. They make calendars that focus on the country's national-level relics.

Paintings portray palace dogs of Forbidden City

2018-03-06 11:01:38

Let's take a look at the palace dogs from some ancient paintings in the collection of the Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City.

New book: Veggies and fruits in 24 solar terms

2018-03-06 10:44:30

Following the customs of China's 24 solar terms can always make your daily life more poetic.

Peru celebrates Chinese New Year with feast

2018-03-05 14:03:40

With sponsorship from the Chinese Embassy in Peru and the Peruvian Chinese Association, the 14th Spring Feast was held Feb 17 to welcome the Year of the Dog.

Ancient Chinese skincare tool gains new popularity in the US

2018-03-05 09:17:23

Amid a shrinking market for beauty equipment, the jade roller, an ancient Chinese skincare tool, has recently gained new popularity in the US.

The new era

2018-03-05 07:46:53

Documentary film Amazing China debuts to enthusiastic crowds. Wang Kaihao reports.

Lantern Festival food: 'Tangyuan' or 'yuanxiao'

2018-03-02 09:29:01

March 2 marks this year's Lantern Festival according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Australia's Newcastle celebrates Chinese New Year with red lanterns

2018-03-01 10:43:24

On Feb 24, the third Light Up Newcastle to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year was held at Harbor Square’s Maritime Center in Newcastle, the second largest city in Australia’s New South Wales.

Hungary celebrates Chinese New Year with temple fair

2018-02-28 13:24:25

A lively temple fair themed “Happy Chinese New Year, Beautiful Chinese Spring” was held at the Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Center in Budapest on Feb 17.

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