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Auctioneers reveal the secrets to sales success

2018-08-07 09:59:44

Life as an auctioneer is like being a ringmaster in a circus, according to Colin Sheaf, Bonhams' head of Asia.

Sticking with tradition

2018-08-07 07:57:24

China Post and the Palace Museum jointly release a set of stamps inspired by an iconic Song Dynasty painting, Wang Kaihao reports.

From 2008 to 2022: Olympic-themed exhibition to open in Beijing

2018-08-06 10:46:16

The world's eyes were on Beijing on Aug 8, 2008, as the Olympic Games opened grandly at Bird's Nest - the national stadium for the Games, on that day. On its 10th anniversary this year, the Bird's Nest Culture Center will open an Olympic-themed exhibition free to the public.

Picture books feature 24 Chinese solar terms

2018-08-06 07:47:53

A set of recently released picture books feature the 24 solar terms which guide Chinese people's work and life.

Kenyan singing strikes right note

2018-08-06 07:51:39

NAIROBI-The second edition of a Chinese singing competition was held on July 27 in Kenya's second largest institution of higher learning, Kenyatta University.

Uruguay-based school a success

2018-08-03 09:37:00

Uruguay's Confucius Institute has seen demand expand so quickly that, according to the rector of the University of the Republic, or Udelar, more teachers are urgently needed just three months after it opened its doors.

Chinese children's literature shines on the world stage

2018-08-03 09:10:53

In recent years, many original Chinese children's novels and picture books, with moving stories and Chinese elements, have reached great heights in the international markets.

'Sharing China - Happy Chinese New Year' photo contest unveils winning entries

2018-08-03 10:13:25

The Sharing China - Happy Chinese New Year Photo Contest 2018 unveiled its winning entries on July 31.

Bitten lips: Something ancient yet popular

2018-08-02 13:44:24

Another costume drama set in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), Story of Yanxi Palace, is becoming a hit on the small screen this summer.

Sinologists enjoy Chinese culture in Hangzhou

2018-08-01 14:09:43

To share insights on China's new developmental philosophy and further promote Chinese culture, the 2018 Symposium on China Studies was held last week and followed by a cultural tour in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province.

Tourism key to building Sino-Bhutan ties

2018-07-30 15:19:17

Sino-Bhutan relation can be an exemplary model to the world as Bhutan appreciates China's long-standing respect for its independence, integrity, stability and development yet road to official diplomatic relations has not begun.

Anhui cultural week held in Bangkok

2018-07-30 13:57:15

A cultural event featuring artworks from East China's Anhui province opened at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok on Saturday.

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