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The young give us a new year address

2019-01-04 12:00:00

To welcome the new year, nine young speakers from Beijing, Hong Kong and overseas universities shared their thoughts on the Chinese dream, environmental conservation, art, wellbeing and adulthood.

Palace Museum to restore Qing palace Spring Festival celebration scenes

2019-01-03 17:28:36

For the first time, the Palace Museum will restore scenes showing how the imperial palace celebrated the Spring Festival in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It will be the first time for ordinary people to experience how the Lunar New Year was observed inside the palace.

Exhibition in Bangkok displays traditional Chinese culture

2019-01-02 11:50:30

From ink wash painting and oil painting to calligraphy and porcelain works, a new exhibition opened at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok on Dec 29, giving visitors an insight into traditional Chinese lifestyle and culture as well as its modern development.

10 highest-grossing 2018 films in China

2019-01-02 10:14:12

China's movie box office revenue soared 9 percent in 2018 to 60.98 billion yuan ($8.88 billion), according to the State Film Administration Monday.

Exhibition celebrates the country's reform and opening-up anniversary

2019-01-02 07:52:56

More than 100 students shared their family stories at an exhibition at Shanghai Jiao Tong University that celebrates the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up.

Hit Chinese variety shows in 2018

2018-12-29 16:11:48

In 2018 we saw a diverse array of TV and internet variety shows in China, all offering amazing entertainment.

Peppa Pig to celebrate Chinese New Year

2018-12-29 13:39:34

Award-winning British animation show Peppa Pig is set to celebrate Chinese New Year with a film release in February 2019.

Not home for the holidays: Travel for Chinese New Year

2018-12-28 14:20:19

Less than two months away from the Spring Festival, sales on travel websites start to hit a seasonal high. As the influence of Chinese New Year expands, international tourism also helps to introduce this indispensable cultural heritage to every corner of the world, which means in 2019, more Chinese

Taiwan producer gives puppet show a modern look

2018-12-28 14:05:03

Born in 1955, Huang Qianghua is the fourth generation heir of the Yunlin Puppet Show family in Taiwan. He is also the chairman of Pili International Multimedia Co Ltd.

Reform's children

2018-12-27 07:00:00

Chinese in their 40s list Deng Xiaoping's southern tours and China's WTO entry as key milestones of the past four decades while recounting their own lives.

Qingdao to boost cruise tourism

2018-12-26 17:23:18

Qingdao in East China's Shandong province has launched a series of favorable policies to boost its cruise tourism.

Winter Nadam Fair held in Inner Mongolia

2018-12-27 10:09:49

The opening ceremony for the Winter Nadam Fair of Inner Mongolia autonomous region took place on Dec 23 in Hulunbuir, with traditional ethnic performances, equestrian shows and a motorcade of camels happening as outdoor temperatures plunged to about -25 C.

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