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Sino-foreign joint-venture universities opens doors for int'l students

2017-10-11 07:43:10

Joint-venture universities are giving foreign students access to valuable Chinese experiences.

Students across China take center stage at major art festival in Beijing

2017-10-11 07:58:02

Major arts festival to showcase budding performers from schools across the country. Chen Nan reports.

Huang Xiaoming exhibits wood works

2017-10-10 10:10:39

More than 70 pieces of Huang Xiaoming's wood art are now on show at the National Museum of China.

German new media art on display in Beijing

2017-10-10 09:46:29

Arrested Time, an ongoing exhibition at the Today Art Museum in Beijing, is showing the evolution of Germany's new media art with six representative artists of different ages.

Collector displays Chinese wares exported to Europe

2017-10-10 08:13:17

On Sept 28, Fei Yuliang arrived at Beihai Park, an ancient royal garden in Beijing, with joy.

Global Chinese Orchestra reunited in Beijing

2017-10-10 07:47:49

Every year, overseas musicians return to China to perform as the Global Chinese Orchestra with musicians based here.

Mahua's third comedy film 'Never Say Die' becomes a hit during holiday

2017-10-09 14:04:53

As the National Day holiday ended on Sunday, the total box office collection for the holiday in Chinese mainland rose to 2.6 billion yuan ($400 million). The top three winners were Never Say Die, The Foreigner, and Chasing the Dragon.

Shanghai to showcase monthlong feast of the arts

2017-10-09 07:01:02

The 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival will begin on Oct 20 at the Shanghai Grand Theater with the commissioned work, The Beginning - Choral Symphony, performed by Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Opera House.

Sanmao, the hero with a heart

2017-10-07 05:37:57

His story is that of an orphan who moves to Shanghai to earn a living. He takes on numerous jobs such as selling newspapers, polishing shoes and performing kung fu. Despite his efforts, he cannot make ends meet, he sleeps on the streets and many treat him with distain.

Potala Palace to undergo large renovation

2017-10-07 14:16:46

A large-scale renovation project will soon begin at the 1,300-year-old Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, according to an official.

Ottawa's Beijing Week brings Chinese culture to Canada

2017-10-05 14:35:40

Ottawa's Beijing Week, part of 2017 Ottawa Welcomes the World, kicked off at Lansdowne Park here on Wednesday, with performances of acrobatics, folk music, and traditional Chinese operas.

Song Dynasty Ru guanyao brush washer sells for 37.7 mln USD

2017-10-05 13:59:56

A new world auction record for Chinese Ceramics was set when a rare Ru guanyao brush washer from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) sold for 294.3 million HK dollars ($37.7 mln) after a 20 minute bidding battle at Sotheby's in Hong Kong here Tuesday.

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