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China, Lebanon sign new agreement to establish cultural centers

2020-05-29 11:26:36

China and Lebanon signed on Wednesday an agreement aimed at creating cultural centers in both countries, said a statement by the Chinese embassy in Lebanon.

Two sessions: Let TCM benefit whole world

2020-05-29 11:10:22

Motions and proposals on promoting traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) overseas to benefit the whole world were championed at this year's two sessions.

8 children films for International Children's Day

2020-05-29 09:17:15

International Children's Day is around the corner and we have selected eight children's movies for you to enjoy this special day with your kids. Free online access to these films will be availbale for a limited period of time (from June 1st-June 7th), feel free to pick them up.

Miao silver conquers poverty in Leishan

2020-05-28 09:40:00

Thanks to the efforts of artisans like Pan, Miao silver jewelry, originally celebrated in regional ethnic culture, has found its way across the mountains to a wider world.

Museums proposed to remember battle with COVID-19

2020-05-28 08:58:09

A memorial and museums to commemorate the nation's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic have been separately proposed by a legislator and two political advisers.

Hunger to tell many tales of food

2020-05-28 08:09:21

When China Daily called director Chen Xiaoqing to interview him on his latest hit, the second season of Once Upon a Bite, the man-hailed as one of China's best food storytellers-he was sipping an India pale ale in the United Kingdom.

Bob Dylan retrospective to open in Beijing in June

2020-05-27 13:40:03

Retrospectrum, a retrospective exhibition of Bob Dylan's visual art, was a sensation in Shanghai during its seven-month tenure at the Modern Art Museum, Shanghai, throughout late last year until it ended earlier this month.

National Centre for Performing Arts to reopen June 2

2020-05-27 11:19:38

The National Centre for the Performing Arts will reopen on June 2, ending a nearly four-month closure because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Can penguins appreciate art like you?

2020-05-27 10:22:27

While penguins aren't native to China, they still enjoy popularity in the nation for appearing in the logo of QQ, the online messaging platform in use for decades.

Cultural sector finds new ways to tell stories

2020-05-27 09:18:37

Actor Feng Yuanzheng used to spend most Spring Festival holidays at his workplace, The Beijing People's Art Theatre.

A crafty concept

2020-05-27 08:45:25

Celebrities turn detective for a creative TV show which lauds the spirit of China's craftsmen and women in a fresh new way

Online exhibitions show Chinese cultural heritage in Sydney

2020-05-26 15:49:29

June 13 is China's Cultural and Heritage Day. The China Cultural Center in Sydney and the China Tourism Office in Sydney will launch a series of online events on that very day to show the inheritance and development of cultural heritage in China.

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