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Making pizzas fly

2017-05-26 08:21:35

Acrobatic chef coming to Beijing for a week of shows and good eating, Mike Peters reports.

New book reveals a tech world in the future

2017-05-26 08:04:04

Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari's new book, released in China, points to the challenges people will face in the future. Wang Kaihao reports.

Celebrities drive demand for luxury-bag brand

2017-05-26 07:25:21

Celebrities and internet personalities often have a dramatic influence on the consumption patterns of Chinese fashionistas.

Chinese chairs: Sitting in comfort

2017-05-26 07:14:00

The ongoing China Chair Exhibition at Tsinghua University showcases pieces by both ancient craftsmen and modern Chinese designers.

China launches its first national youth orchestra

2017-05-25 07:50:20

The first National Youth Orchestra of China announced its establishment and upcoming national tour in Shanghai earlier this month.

Musicians from home and abroad gather for Beijing festival

2017-05-25 07:42:29

This year's Beijing Modern Music Festival kicked off at the National Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday with the concert The Far Away Mast, by the Central Conservatory of Music's symphony orchestra.

Swedish sci-fi horror film hits Chinese screens

2017-05-25 07:06:02

Sci-fi horror film Life is having a big impact on Chinese screens with its exciting story and star-studded cast.

Over 1,700 activities to launch on Cultural and Natural Heritage Day

2017-05-24 14:56:00

The Ministry of Culture announced that the upcoming 2017 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day will include over 1,700 activities at a press conference on Tuesday.

7th Chinese Film Festival opens in Paris

2017-05-24 10:41:56

Eleven Chinese films will be shown in seven French cities as part of the 7th Chinese Film Festival in France.

Playlist: Harry Styles and his new album

2017-05-24 08:22:54

From the early days of British band One Direction, Harry Styles stood out as the member most likely to succeed. With his self-titled debut album released on May 12, he becomes a star in his own right.

Amateur dancers embrace performing at Beijing festival

2017-05-24 08:14:30

One year after Tong Jiajia was admitted to study at Peking University in 1998, the international relations major applied to participate in the Beijing College Student Dance Festival.

Drawing on global resources

2017-05-24 07:38:57

Collaborations with foreign universities on research projects ranging from tea to chemistry are helping Zhejiang University build on its international reputation. Shi Xiaofeng reports in Hangzhou

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