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China ranks second in tourism revenue

2019-01-17 13:04:46

China has continued to rank second in overall tourism revenue, after the United States, annually over the 2012-19 period, according to a world-tourism-economy report released by the Beijing-based World Tourism Cities Federation and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Tourism Research Center on J

2019 Happy Chinese New Year kicks off

2019-01-17 11:23:34

The happy atmosphere of the upcoming Spring Festival will spread worldwide, thanks to a major cultural program called Happy Chinese New Year.

Hee-Young Lim: An unexpected journey of a cellist

2019-01-17 09:07:25

Hee-Young Lim, a Korean cellist, launched her first CD French Cello Concertos last November. Now she is tapping into the classical music world in China.

A voice for the people

2019-01-17 07:54:50

A new book offers an insight into former vice-foreign minister Fu Ying's time as a spokeswoman for the National People's Congress, Fang Aiqing reports.

Designer mug celebrates Year of the Pig

2019-01-16 21:26:14

Many people in Sichuan province have received a special gift symbolizing good luck for the Chinese New Year long before the Year of the Pig falls on February 5.

Chinese zodiac comes to a school in Malta

2019-01-16 11:43:01

Artists from Taiwan introduce the Chinese zodiac to students at a primary school in Kalkara, Malta, Jan 10, 2019.

Chinese New Year concert held in South Korea

2019-01-16 11:33:14

Artists perform at the China-South Korea Friendship Concert at the Sejong Grand Theater in Seoul on Jan 12, 2019.

Ancient coffin in Ningxia shows integration of ethnic groups

2019-01-16 11:25:09

The Guyuan Museum in northwestern China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region has recently displayed a special coffin from the Wei Dynasty (220-265).

Art & design community honored at Beijing awards ceremony

2019-01-15 10:50:07

An annual list was released on Saturday to name China’s most influential modern artists and art galleries in 2018.

Yoga school to expand training across China

2019-01-16 08:11:33

KUNMING-The China-India Yoga College plans to expand its training beyond Kunming, the capital of Southwest China's Yunnan province, as yoga gains popularity in China as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Creating a stronger connection with Israel

2019-01-14 07:50:36

Sino-Israeli cultural and trade-promotion activities were launched at the China Cultural Center in Tel Aviv, attracting many Israelis, on Tuesday.

Ancient tomb group unearthed in Shaanxi

2019-01-12 11:18:26

Archaeologists in Northwest China's Shaanxi province said Friday they have discovered an ancient tomb group dating back more than 1,500 years in a village in the province.

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