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Culture ministers of China, Japan, S. Korea discuss cooperation

2019-08-30 14:22:06

At the 11th China-Japan-South Korea Cultural Ministers' Meeting held here Friday, the three ministers of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (ROK) exchanged in-depth views on further promoting practical cooperation in cultural areas.

Inheritor makes beauty of Huizhou bamboo carving widely known among public

2019-08-30 14:05:11

Hong Jianhua, an inheritor of Huizhou bamboo carving listed in China's national intangible cultural heritages, has been dedicated to the craft since the age of 16.

Terracotta Warriors to debut in Thailand show

2019-08-30 13:54:15

The famed Chinese Terracotta Warriors will make their debut in Thailand on Sept 15, offering a rare opportunity for the Thai people to have a close encounter with ancient cultural heritage dating back to the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BC).

Chinese animated hit 'Ne Zha' debuts in North America

2019-08-30 10:23:59

Chinese box-office hit "Ne Zha," the highest-grossing animated film ever in China, debuted in North America on Thursday.

TV gaokao drama earns high marks

2019-08-30 10:17:05

A Little Reunion, a hit TV drama that puts the spotlight on gaokao, came to an end on Tuesday, wrapping up heated discussions sparked on social media over the past month.

Share your Chinese stories to celebrate PRC's 70th anniversary

2019-08-29 09:36:56

If you are interested in China and Chinese culture, here is an opportunity to express your feelings and share your experience and stories with social media users.

Chinese embassy holds ceremony for Egyptians studying in China

2019-08-29 09:28:42

The Chinese embassy in Cairo held on Wednesday evening a ceremony for Egyptian students who are approved to study in China through scholarships provided by the Chinese government as part of the growing cooperation between the two countries.

American musician chooses classic Chinese instruments for contemporary music

2019-08-29 09:32:58

Justin Scholar, a New Jersey native, has earned his name as the "Chinese instruments guy" at the annual Philadelphia Folk Festival as he brings a Chinese instrument every year to let people try.

Fashion designs to satisfy your sweet tooth

2019-08-28 15:15:50

An exhibition for one's sense of aesthetics and sweet tooth alike took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Tuesday

China Contemporary Dance Biennial kicks off in Shanghai

2019-08-28 14:37:23

With a series of forums, dance performances and promotional sessions scheduled, the event aims to provide a platform for deeper exchange and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

Precious photos show 180 years of change in China

2019-08-27 23:25:28

An exhibition called 180 Years of Photography in China raised its curtain recently to showcase the magnificent changes in China's history.

Singaporean-Chinese artist's works donated to national art museum

2019-08-27 14:40:39

Singaporean-Chinese artist Fan Changqian's family donated six of his works to the National Art Museum of China in Beijing last week.

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