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Fun for the young

2017-04-19 07:31:03

A survey of Chinese born after 1995 examines their hobbies and interests. Xing Yi and Li You look at how they enjoy themselves.

Director of memorable TV drama 'Journey to the West' dies

2017-04-18 07:00:00

The director of the Chinese classic TV drama, Journey to the West, Yang Jie, passed away Saturday. She was 88. Under her guidance, the single camera typically used in that era managed to film an epoch-making TV drama that influenced generations of Chinese people.

Ancient suds in modern mugs

2017-04-18 07:00:33

It looks like a conventional kitchen. There are big square pans of mountain yams, ready for a 70-minute roasting. Thirty kilos of broomcorn millet are in line for half an hour of steaming. A food processor growls like a chainsaw as it chops up Job's tears, the pearly dried kernels also known as coixseed.

In film that premiered Monday, girl dances to beat of a different drum

2017-04-18 07:23:56

Taklamakan's Drumbeat, a film produced by Tianshan Mountain Film Studio of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, premiered in Beijing on Monday at the Great Hall of the People.

Traditional Chinese fan paintings on show in Seoul

2017-04-17 13:28:22

A selection of traditional Chinese fan paintings are on display at the China Cultural Center in Seoul, offering a glimpse of the characteristics of traditional ink painting.

Hungarian dance 'Princess Sissi' to be performed in Beijing in April

2017-04-17 10:40:41

The 17th Meeting in Beijing Arts Festival will open with Hungarian dance Princess Sissi on April 27. The event will feature a series of classic works from countries related to the Belt and Road Initiative, including ballet Swan Lake performed by a Belarus dance company.

The world beckons for Chinese travelers

2017-04-17 07:21:02

International destinations' zeal to lure Chinese is thrust into full display at a recent travel expo.

Shanghai chosen as expats' favorite city fifth time in a row

2017-04-15 12:08:32

Shanghai, China's financial hub, was selected as expats' favorite city to work and live in for the fifth year in a row.

'Yu qian': Taste of green and pure freshness

2017-04-14 14:04:37

Yu qian (literally meaning left money), or the seeds of elm trees, got the name from its resemblance to coins used in ancient China. The seeds, often mistakenly considered flowers of elm trees, are found around March and April each year.

Designer brings solar calendar to life

2017-04-14 10:16:21

The 24 solar terms, a complementary calendar system invented in ancient China, has been brought to life thanks to a creative designer from Southwest China’s Guizhou province.

Jiangsu anti-graft official's new work draws from real cases

2017-04-14 06:52:01

When he was just another young man from the countryside, his girlfriend, an urban woman, betrayed him after he failed the college entrance examination.

Eat to fight smog?

2017-04-14 06:52:01

Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe - and to love mackerel.

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