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Family TV drama on key meal serves up generational differences

2024-02-19 14:22

In Chinese tradition, all family members are expected to return home to have dinner together on Lunar New Year's Eve. Islands, a popular TV series unfolding with such a bustling and heartwarming scene, has resonated with many viewers, leading it to top the ratings for the same time slot.


Cultural, scenic attractions boost holiday tourism consumption

2024-02-19 11:35

The number of domestic tourism trips hit 474 million during this year’s Spring Festival holiday, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Sunday.


Young Chinese bring hanfu to the world during Spring Festival

2024-02-19 11:05

Young people dressed in hanfu, the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group in China, were spotted in many locations around the world during this year's Spring Festival holiday.

Cultural Exchange

Hanfu parade showcases Chinese tradition in Malta

2024-02-19 09:29

A hanfu parade was held in Valletta, the capital of Malta, on February 17, 2024 in celebration of Chinese New Year.


Winter sports in China eye white-hot growth

2024-02-19 09:28

An imaginative integration of fields like sports, health, business, tourism and culture is stoking the rapid growth of winter sports in China, building on the initial momentum imparted by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Hot Issue

24 Solar Terms: 6 things you must know about Rain Water

2024-02-19 09:10

Rain Water (Chinese: 雨水) this year starts on Feb 19 and ends on Mar 4.


China-chic inspires warmup to France fashion week

2024-02-19 08:19

PARIS/NANCHANG — In bright sunlight, a 3D-printed blue-and-white twin lotus graces a down jacket, evoking the elegance of fine blue-and-white porcelain.


Thousands flock to Beijing's rejuvenated temple fairs

2024-02-19 08:15

A strong sense of nostalgia permeated temple fairs held across Beijing during the Spring Festival holiday this year. Children could be seen sitting on the shoulders of their fathers, mothers pushed baby strollers, and long lines of people waited to buy treats from food stalls.


A new way to key into classical music

2024-02-19 07:52

If Frederic Chopin's music can be described as an apple pie with whipped cream on top, then Franz Liszt's would taste spicy, Johann Sebastian Bach's could be likened to fine bread, and that of Ludwig van Beethoven would be stewed pork knuckle. Spanish seafood paella or Russian borscht would also be great.


More than a mere interest in insects

2024-02-19 07:45

Nature was Chen Rui's "childhood home". The 37-year-old researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Institute of Zoology was not able to talk until he was 4 years old because of the way his brain processes sensory information.


French director hails 20 years of ties with Chinese operas

2024-02-19 07:31

PARIS — French theater director Patrick Sommier is devoted to passing on the true meaning of Chinese operas which, according to him, are an assembly of all art forms, to the French public.


Young Namibian dancers master Chinese dragon and lion dances

2024-02-18 15:50

During the Chinese New Year, a group of passionate young Namibian dancers studying at the University of Namibia achieved a stunning feat by mastering the intricate art of dragon and lion dances, showcasing dedication, perseverance and cross-cultural exchange.

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