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Cultural Exchange

Chinese representatives attend art festival in Cairo

2022-05-23 11:34

The 9th International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts opened at Saladin Citadel in Cairo, Egypt, on May 21.


Framing the soul of a city

2022-05-23 08:39

After living in Shanghai for 13 years, entrepreneurs Derek Muhs and Marisa Tarin found the real heartbeat and soul of the city in its people. They put together 100 photographs featuring local residents, to compile the book titled Faces We Love-Shanghai.

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Homage to hometown

2022-05-23 07:37

Dancer from a southern village stages show with thousands of figurines in different poses.

Cultural Exchange

Chinese art debut at art biennale in Dakar, Senegal

2022-05-21 12:43

The 14th Dakar Biennale was unveiled in Dakar, Senegal on May 19th. China was invited to hold a special show at the exhibition as the guest of honor.

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Thai farmers gear up to satisfy China's growing appetite for 'king of fruits'

2022-05-21 10:32

BANGKOK-A young man climbed barefoot on a meters-tall tree, slashed the stalk with a knife to pick durian, and then threw the fruit at Silaphon Thongrot, owner of the Miiw's durian orchard in Thailand.

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Off-road trekker crowns himself king of the desert

2022-05-21 10:15

A former businessman, initially motivated by his desire to explore the unknown in the wild, has driven across the dunes of Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region again and again, most of the time on his own.

Cultural Exchange

Dutch art exhibition echoes ancient Chinese culture

2022-05-21 09:57

DELFT, the Netherlands-Delft, the Dutch city renowned for its blue pottery, launched on last Saturday an international exhibition of pottery artworks that pays tribute to an ancient Chinese culture dating back thousands of years.


Music moves

2022-05-21 09:33

For music lovers, the joy of walking into a record store, flipping through album covers and holding a physical disc cannot be replaced by clicking a download button on digital music platforms.

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Peak moments on Mount Qomolangma

2022-05-21 09:24

Chinese scientific researchers on May 4 established an automatic meteorological monitoring station at an altitude of over 8,800 meters, making it the world's highest of its kind, on Mount Qomolangma, known in the West as Mount Everest, on the China-Nepal border.


'China Tourism Day' brings Chinese culture closer to Singaporeans

2022-05-20 15:53

The 12th "China Tourism Day", a promotion event, was launched in Singapore on May 19.

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China's yearly box office total hits 15 bln yuan

2022-05-20 15:15

China's total box office earnings this year have reached 15 billion yuan ($2.22 billion), largely generated by films released during the week-long Spring Festival holiday ending on Feb 6.

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Off-road vehicle drivers map out love for motherland

2022-05-20 13:49

Dong Changkai, 60, teamed up with four other off-road vehicle drivers and drove across the Taklimakan Desert, the world's second largest drifting desert, to create a route in the shape of the map of China to express their love for the country and its spectacular landscape.

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