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Artist's solo show examines relationship between men and space

2022-05-17 14:37

Qu Jianxiong's exhibition at Tianjin Binhai Art Museum examines the relationship between men and space.

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Latest drama mirrors challenges faced by young people today

2022-05-17 13:48

I Am a Superstar, an original production by leading online streaming website iQiyi, has stirred heated discussion after its premiere on April 30 for its reflection of the lives of young people today.

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Tang Dynasty epitaph found in North China

2022-05-17 13:12

Archaeologists have found an epitaph dating back to the year 757 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in North China's Hebei province.

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'Cloud tourism' a new fad amid COVID-induced travel restrictions

2022-05-17 10:18

Hundreds of thousands of travel aficionados enjoyed the stunning views on their mobile devices in what has come to be known as "cloud tourism."

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Country gets a taste for sweet treat from Xinjiang

2022-05-17 09:40

Upon his arrival in Yining, one of China's westernmost cities, Liu Junjie, traveling all the way from the southern coastal province of Guangdong, could not wait to savor the local signature street food-Ili ice cream.

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Saddling up for adventure

2022-05-17 08:56

While millions of young people in China are tied up with a nine-to-five job and a mortgage, increasing numbers have the courage to seek a different lifestyle.


Natural habitats

2022-05-17 08:26

The rural tourism sector has not just managed to weather the storm of the pandemic, it has thrived with new business and innovative products springing up all over the countryside.

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A golden opportunity

2022-05-17 07:57

An art graduate embarks on an arduous, but potentially glittering, career by learning a traditional lacquer craft.

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Inner Mongolia ups protection of intangible cultural heritages

2022-05-16 13:06

North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has included a number of intangible cultural heritages along the Yellow River basin and the Great Wall on its protection list, focusing on protecting traditional cultures that reflect the history of exchanges and integration among ethnic groups.

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Discovering royal culture through gold lacquer-inlaying

2022-05-16 10:30

Exquisite gold lacquer-inlaying craftsmanship has put artist Hou Xue on an arduous yet rewarding journey, discovering the splendid royal culture and extraordinary feats of artisans from the past.

Cultural Exchange

Korean 'Baymaxes' volunteer amid Shanghai's virus rebound

2022-05-16 09:26

In China, medics and community volunteers in white hazmat suits are nicknamed "Baymax" after the chubby personal healthcare robot in a well-received Disney animation film. Among the Baymax team combating the strong COVID-19 rebound in Shanghai is Park Hui-jung, who originates from the Republic of Korea (ROK) but feels very much at home in her community.


Musician finds composure

2022-05-16 07:53

When Ma Weijia went to buy breakfast at a restaurant near his home in Beijing, the violinist didn't expect that it would lead to the start of a quarantine.

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