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Dance drama highlights 'Red Boat' spirit

2021-08-05 14:56

Dance drama "Guardians of Red Boat" featuring Wang Huiwu, wife of one of the founding members of the Communist Party of China Li Da, premiered in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, on Aug 3.

Prehistoric painted pottery in global limelight in Gansu

2021-08-04 10:53

Prehistoric painted pottery has recently gained much traction from archaeological experts home and abroad as the ongoing fifth Majiayao Cultural Festival boosts international research engagement and cooperation.

Exhibition of Chinese, Russian art held in Beijing

2021-08-03 15:17

An art exhibition was held yesterday in Beijing at the Russian Cultural Center. Over 30 paintings, sculptures and calligraphy works were on display, covering the latest creations of artists from the National Art Museum of China and some pieces by Russian artists, which are now housed at the National Art Museum of China.

Arts festival continues through sweltering summer

2021-08-02 10:38

The ongoing annual Gateway to Arts 2021 Summer Festival will bring more live shows to audiences during the summer season.

Family holidays on the rise over summer

2021-07-31 16:09

Family domestic trips have risen during the two-month summer holiday starting July 1, with the total value of bookings surging more than four times that of last summer, according to an industry report.

Making a song & dance about it

2021-07-31 10:28

Contemporary dance choreographer Wan Su brings out a new work every year. As a professor of Beijing Dance Academy, it's a part of her routine as well as a tradition she has followed to deliver her new ideas.

Late director Benny Chan's last film opens

2021-07-30 13:42

In the crowded theater where even the aisles were full, there was one empty seat in the center with a bouquet placed on it. The theater in eastern Beijing was the venue of late Hong Kong director Benny Chan's last film Raging Fire's premiere.

Tourism commodity competition kicks off in Beijing

2021-07-29 15:52

The tourism commodity and creative culture products competition Beijing Gifts was launched on July 29.

Tres Tristes Tigres translated to Chinese

2021-07-29 13:29

The Chinese edition of Cuban author Guillermo Cabrera Infante's 1967 novel Tres Tristes Tigres (Three Trapped Tigers) came out earlier this month.

'Art Has No Boundaries' exhibition opens in Beijing

2021-07-29 11:25

An exhibition aimed at helping children understand the potential and benefits of mixing art and technology opened in Beijing's Today Art Museum.

Documentary revisits birthplace of CPC

2021-07-29 10:31

Recently, a five-episode documentary revisited more than 30 of these sites, deeply exploring why Shanghai became the birthplace of the Party.

Miyun kicks off culture and tourism season

2021-07-28 16:43

Northeastern Beijing's Miyun district has rolled out 15 routes for travelers in a culture and tourism season promotion that began on July 28.

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