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Earliest Chu relics in China's Hunan discovered

2021-01-12 16:02

Archaeologists in Central China's Hunan province have excavated a batch of cultural relics that boast distinctive Chu culture characteristics and are the earliest of their kind ever found in Hunan.

Journeys through the New Year

2021-01-12 08:02

The recent holiday confirmed a healthy travel market amid intensified COVID-19 measures.

Online travel agency launches destination account

2021-01-11 15:23

China's major online travel agency, Trip.com Group, kicked off its first destination account with Guangdong-based Chimelong resort on Saturday.

Talent show puts performers to the test

2021-01-11 12:31

The talent show I Am the Actor, where performance expertise is rated by renowned film practitioners, including actresses Zhang Ziyi and Hao Lei, and actor Li Chengru, has been airing on Zhejiang TV since last month.

From east to west and all that jazz

2021-01-09 09:40

From the moment that the 13-year-old Chinese pianist A Bu gained wide attention by making his debut at the Beijing Nine Gates International Jazz Music Festival in 2012, it was clear that he wasn't your average teen pianist. He impressed the audiences, the musicians and critics with his seemingly limitless technique and a deep understanding of tunes written long before he was born.

With heart, soul, mind and feet

2021-01-09 09:35

Leah Dou gave an online live show recently, performed in an abandoned hotel. In this space, with indoor trees reaching the ceiling and giant octopus legs protruding from the gray walls, Dou and her band sang, danced and no doubt dared to dream.

Leah Dou releases third album GSG Mixtape

2021-01-08 15:11

Chinese singer-songwriter Leah Dou, or Dou Jinglong, has just released her third full-length album, GSG Mixtape. It features 13 songs she wrote, in styles that are hard to define.

Chang Chen's new sci-fi film explores memory transplants

2021-01-08 14:39

Rising to top the world's movie market in terms of yearly box-office takings, China has a huge annual output of feature-length films but only a few are sci-fi tales.

New bookstores in Shanghai turn the page on a new year

2021-01-07 17:10

A series of new bookstores in Shanghai opened during the Christmas and New Year holidays, showing a budding new ecology for brick-and-mortar literary shopping.

China expects 230 mln ice-snow trips this winter: report

2021-01-07 14:52

Chinese tourists are expected to make 230 million trips featuring ice and snow during the current winter season, a report released by the China Tourism Academy (CTA) said Tuesday.

Hollywood halts productions amid unprecedented COVID-19 surge

2021-01-07 11:39

Hollywood is reeling as the usual cheer of Christmas and the New Year have given way to a massive post-holiday COVID-19 spike that has brought disruption and new lockdowns to the entertainment industry.

China's box office soars as new year dawns

2021-01-07 11:14

China's box office sales from Dec 28, 2020, to Jan 3 this year topped 2.13 billion yuan ($330 million), up 93 percent week on week.

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