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Grand old strings tug at the heart

2021-03-20 08:50

The first time that Guo Mingxuan saw a pipa in the home of her music teacher Chen Yu, she was 6 years old and she was impressed by the 2,000-year-old four-stringed musical instrument. To her the pear-shaped plucked instrument looked exquisite.

Dance drama Li Bai takes bow on social media

2021-03-19 11:48

A Chinese dance drama has made its global debut on social media platforms abroad, generating a new wave of discussion on the beauty of Chinese culture among art lovers from all over the world.

Retrospective pays tribute to painter's passion

2021-03-19 11:26

Although experiencing many toils and hardships, late oil painter Ding Tianque didn't lose faith. He remained passionate about art no matter what, as one can see in his works featuring rhythmic strokes and a vibrant palette.

Exhibition honors Chinese philanthropist

2021-03-19 11:23

A special exhibition kicked off on Thursday in Beijing to honor a legendary overseas Chinese who made great contributions to charity and education development in his home country.

Famed oxen painting featured on new stamps

2021-03-19 11:15

China Post will issue on March 20 a miniature sheet featuring the famous Tang Dynasty (618-907) painting, Five Oxen.

Design exhibition marks 25-year career

2021-03-19 11:11

Daydream: Jumping He, an exhibition to be opened at the Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, will review the career of Chinese-German designer Jumping He which has spanned some 25 years.

Sanxingdui relics: Bronze altar replicated from 100 broken pieces

2021-03-18 15:53

The 3,000-year-old Sanxingdui ruins site in Southwest China's Sichuan province has yielded some quite extraordinary archaeological finds. Over 100 bronze pieces were discovered in Pit No. 2 of the Sanxingdui ruins and were replicated into an altar.

China to launch national reading campaign for 2021

2021-03-18 15:37

China will launch a national reading campaign for 2021, according to an official circular.

TV series on poverty alleviation efforts receives acclaim

2021-03-18 10:02

Nestled in the southernmost mountains in Zhangjiajie, Central China's Hunan province, Mudixi village is a picturesque paradise with the lush woods, clean streams and distinctive stilted houses built by local ethnic Miao people.

Capturing the hidden messages behind the walls

2021-03-17 16:37

Seemingly empty walls have been turned into art works filled with intrigue by French photographer Eric Pillot, who is holding an exhibition at Galerie Dumonteil in Shanghai from Mar 6 to Apr 27.

Beijing releases long-term plan for ancient site

2021-03-17 14:50

A 15-year long-term plan to preserve a key 3,000-year-old archaeological site in the southwest of Beijing was publicly released on Wednesday by the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.

4K restoration of Oscar-winning Departures set for China release

2021-03-17 13:49

More than a decade after its release, the 2008 Japanese film Departures, which bagged numerous awards including the 2009 Oscar for best foreign language film, is set to hit Chinese theaters soon in 4K resolution.

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