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Life made easier for frail seniors

2022-11-09 08:05

Everyday tasks taken for granted by others can pose obstacles to frail seniors, miring them in misery.

Qing royal architecture unearthed at Old Summer Palace site

2022-11-09 08:03

Archaeologists have fully unveiled a key site at the ruins of Yuanmingyuan in Beijing that tells of past imperial glory and demonstrates a painful moment in Chinese history.

Giving youth a robust defense

2022-11-09 07:58

Prosecutor focuses her work on the overall development of the juvenile prosecution in Shanghai

Awareness of culture key to modernization

2022-11-09 07:11

China is a country with a civilization older than 5,000 years and the rich cultures of 56 ethnic groups. It has experienced ancient glories and high points over the long course of its history — spreading Confucianism and classical philosophical schools that have lastingly inspired people. Now the country is taking on new missions and facing new challenges in a new era.

China-Pakistan youth forum wraps up

2022-11-08 14:25

The China-Pakistan Youth Forum for People-to-people Exchanges on Science which gathered more than 100 representatives out of 19 universities, from the two countries, wrapped up in University of Science and Technology Beijing on Thursday.

Chinese movies going abroad via virtual cinema service

2022-11-08 14:21

With the 18th Chinese American Film Festival kicking off in Los Angeles last week, the annual event has selected 12 acclaimed domestic movies out of nearly 400 participating entries for its nonprofit online exhibition between Nov 7 and Nov 30.

Bird guardian

2022-11-08 08:00

Alone on a barren islet, Ding Peng and colleagues bring the Chinese crested tern back from the brink of extinction.

Landscape exhibition glitters with vibrancy of colors and details

2022-11-07 17:17

Lingnan school, a distinguished style of Chinese painting, emerged in the beginning of the 20th century in Guangzhou and its neighboring areas known collectively as Lingnan in Guangdong province.

Dance production brings a traditional tale back

2022-11-07 16:59

Led by Tan Yuanyuan, the dance theater production White Snake brings together a stellar cast of Chinese dancers who have been active on the global stage over the past decades.

Ancient garden hosts exhibition of ink paintings

2022-11-07 16:31

As one of the four best-known gardens in southern China's Guangdong province, the Keyuan Garden in Dongguan recently presented an art show featuring Chinese ink paintings by many influential painters from last century.

National Gallery, London to hold first showcase in China next year

2022-11-07 15:51

Shanghai Museum will kick off a new exhibition Botticelli to Van Gogh: Masterpieces from the National Gallery, London on Jan 17, 2023.

Beijing foundation joins hands with Adidas to tell China's stories

2022-11-07 15:18

China Literature and Art Foundation, an organization affiliated to China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Adidas recently signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.

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