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Father and son paint the scene for Tibetan culture

2022-09-22 08:33

In a studio on the top floor of a three-story Tibetan-style house in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, Phuntsok Tobgye and his apprentices are busy working on a thangka painting, measuring more than 10 meters in length and nearly three meters in width.

Sisters are a glass act honoring heritage

2022-09-22 07:58

China Daily profiles ordinary people doing incredible things in the cultural sphere as the country has advanced over the past decade.

Chinese photographers have stars in their eyes

2022-09-22 07:57

Photographers from China were among the top prize winners at the 14th Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, organized by the Royal Observatory Greenwich, in London.

On a historical note

2022-09-22 07:56

When Zhao Cong first visited Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, in May 2021, writing another music piece was not high on the veteran pipa player's agenda.

Beijing based sculptor's exhibition a highlight in Shanghai

2022-09-21 16:27

Blue in White is the solo exhibition of Beijing-based sculptor Cao Yun at The Place, a commercial complex in Hongqiao area of Shanghai, going on from Sep 2 to Nov 16.

Painter's exhibition pursues cultural infusion and an ode to life

2022-09-21 15:54

Ink artist Mo Xiaosong's one-man show, Tracing and Pondering, at the Beijing Olympic Forest Park surveys two directions of painting he has explored for a dozen years.

The crafts of Mianzhu New Year paintings

2022-09-21 15:29

In China, to celebrate Lunar New Year, placing New Year paintings (nianhua in Chinese) on doors is a time-honored tradition to invite heavenly blessings and ward off disasters and evil spirits.

Exhibition motivates actions to address pressing climate issues

2022-09-21 15:15

China Climate Action Week Thematic Exhibition, running through Sunday at Inter Art Center and Gallery in Beijing's 798 Art Zone, gathers the works of 15 artists from around the world that respond to the climate crisis.

Game-inspired art exhibition now on at Powerlong Art Museum

2022-09-21 14:05

An immersive digital art exhibition titled Journey to the Unexplored kicked off on September 14 and will run till Oct 14 at the Powerlong Art Museum in Shanghai.

Event aims to spark young students' interest in space exploration

2022-09-21 13:11

A science promotion event that invited scientists to deliver speeches probing into the development of China's space industry and astronomical observation wrapped up in the National Library of China on Monday.

Searching for answers to the riddles of history

2022-09-21 08:00

What secrets of Qinshihuang-the first Chinese emperor-did the Terracotta Warriors keep sealed underground for more than 2,000 years?

Visionary comic

2022-09-21 07:58

A man sporting Afro-style hair and wearing sunglasses, grabs the mic and stands in a relaxed posture ready to make the audience laugh. Seeing how easily he moves onstage, one can hardly notice that the stylish stand-up comedian, Gao Xiang, has any problems with vision.

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