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Photo show offers a diplomatic view of Palace Museum

2021-10-11 13:37

 A photo exhibition opened in the Palace Museum to show diplomats' observation of this architectural wonder.

Canal cultural festival opens in Beijing

2021-10-11 11:22

The opening ceremony of the 2021 Beijing International Canal Cultural Festival was held last Saturday evening at the Grand Canal Forest Park in Beijing's Tongzhou district. The event will run through Oct 17 and covers a wide range of cultural activities including art performances, sports, tourism and forums.

Jinhai Lake rolls out H plan

2021-10-11 11:12

Jinhai Lake unveiled an H plan on October 10 to promote its history, health, homestay and hotel industries.

Luoyang unveils culture and tourism integration index

2021-10-11 11:08

Henan provincial capital Luoyang has shown a 30 percent increase in its culture and tourism integration development last year compared with 2018, according to a development index unveiled in Beijing on Oct 9.

Upcoming festival celebrates China's Grand Canal

2021-10-11 10:23

The 2021 Beijing International Canal Cultural Festival opened on Saturday, kicking off a series of events highlighting the cultural significance of the Grand Canal, an arterial waterway in ancient China.

Dentist observes work-life balance in her schedule

2021-10-09 10:03

Shi Xiaorui, 36, a dentist in Beijing, has found her way to balance life and work even though she needs to be on duty during the holidays as a healthcare professional in a public hospital.

Documentary follows young HK entrepreneurs and their lives in Chinese mainland

2021-10-08 16:43

A documentary which follows the daily lives of 10 young people who traveled from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland to start their own businesses aired on the video-sharing platform Mango TV this month.

Villages in Shandong make a splash in rural revitalization

2021-10-08 14:59

Liaocheng city, East China's Shandong province, has recently promoted some fine examples of rural revitalization.

Stunning haul of over 4b yuan at holiday box office

2021-10-08 14:31

Concluding with a stunning haul up to 4.39 billion yuan ($680.9 million), the box office for this year's National Day holiday has pulled in its second-highest gross of all time during the same period, according to the live tracker Beacon.

Classic opera on female martyr staged at girls' school

2021-10-08 14:21

Singer Wang Li, best known for her role as the female martyr Jiang Zhuyun in the classic Chinese opera Jiang Jie, visited Huaping Senior High School for Girls in Lijiang, Yunnan province, before the National Holiday, along with her colleagues in the People's Liberation Army Air Force Art Troupe.

Immersive outdoor show a 'Journey to Fairyland'

2021-10-08 11:53

Journey to Fairyland, an immersive outdoor performance, was staged during the National Day holiday in Yancheng city, Jiangsu province.

Artist's paintings bridge East-West culture, philosophy

2021-10-08 10:18

Qin Feng's paintings, often stretching several meters in length, show his efforts over the years to bridge Eastern and Western cultural traditions and philosophical thoughts.

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