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Lantern craftsman upholds 2,000-year-old tradition in Hangzhou

2023-02-06 10:38

An 80-year-old man in China's Hangzhou is dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the Xixing lantern-making skills, a 2,000-year-old craft now protected as an intangible cultural heritage.

Recreational activities held to mark Lantern Festival in C China

2023-02-06 10:30

A wide range of recreational activities were held at the town themed on the culture of the Yin Ruins in Anyang of Henan province to mark the Lantern Festival, the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which falls on Feb 5 this year.

Hong Kong and Macao tour searches surge

2023-02-06 10:07

Hong Kong and Macao tour searches tripled after the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council announced that the country will optimize its regulations on travel between the mainland and Hong Kong as well as Macao on Jan 8, domestic major online travel agency Trip.com Group reports.

Hit film sparks interest in ancient general

2023-02-06 08:23

During this year's Spring Festival holiday, the county of Tangyin in Henan province welcomed an increased number of tourists. Many of them came to pay tribute to Yue Fei, a Song Dynasty (960-1279) general and national hero.

Blockbuster sees audience imagination blast off

2023-02-06 08:18

The sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth II has not only raked in whopping box-office proceeds, but also aroused a great deal of interest in science and technologies that appeared in the movie, including space elevators, quantum computers and nuclear fusion.

Herding his cultural resources

2023-02-06 08:04

Managing reindeer in temperatures of -50 C shows devotion of Aoluguya Ewenki man.

Cooking up a masterpiece

2023-02-06 07:52

Decorative stove artwork attracts growing number of admirers, who relish the memories it evokes.

Sanlitun builds big for the future

2023-02-06 07:22

In recent decades, bar street in Beijing's Sanlitun area has not only been a place for entertainment, it reflected the past.

Public art show celebrates Shenzhen's vibrancy through the decades

2023-02-03 17:52

Shenzhen in Guangdong province is one of the most booming cities in the country not only in the sense of economic development but also as a synonym for vigor, openness and harmonious co-existence between men and nature which is why it keeps attracting youngsters from across the country to work and settle down.

Lantern Festival gala to be staged on Sunday

2023-02-03 17:43

The annual Lantern Festival Gala will be broadcasted at 8pm on Sunday by China Central Television, a news conference in Beijing announced on Friday.

Henan TV show sheds light on ancient traditions of Lantern Festival

2023-02-03 15:24

To welcome the Lantern Festival, Henan Satellite TV will broadcast the show Splendor of Ancient China: 2023 Adventures on Lantern Festival at 7:30 pm, Feb 4 (GMT+8), continuing its Chinese festival series program.

Gala showcases traditional music, opera

2023-02-03 13:53

A gala marking Spring Festival was held at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing on Feb 2 featuring a variety of performances, including traditional Chinese musical instruments, dance and Peking Opera.

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