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Henan TV show sheds light on ancient traditions of Lantern Festival

2023-02-03 15:24

To welcome the Lantern Festival, Henan Satellite TV will broadcast the show Splendor of Ancient China: 2023 Adventures on Lantern Festival at 7:30 pm, Feb 4 (GMT+8), continuing its Chinese festival series program.

Gala showcases traditional music, opera

2023-02-03 13:53

A gala marking Spring Festival was held at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing on Feb 2 featuring a variety of performances, including traditional Chinese musical instruments, dance and Peking Opera.

Molten iron to heat up Lantern Festival

2023-02-03 13:36

A molten iron fireworks show in Taijiang county, Guizhou province — part of the annual Lantern Festival — has been performed by Miao ethnic people as a prayer for good weather, a good harvest and auspicious happiness.

Chinese Malaysians tap into their cultural roots at temple fair

2023-02-03 08:58

Nowadays, Chinese Malaysians still cherish and pass down traditional Chinese culture to future generations through the celebration of Chinese festivals like Spring Festival, which fell on Feb 22.

Showcase of Spring Festival traditions

2023-02-03 08:54

An exhibition at the Shanghai History Museum gives a glimpse of traditional ways to celebrate Spring Festival. It will run until Feb 26.

Electronic music finds a beat that appeals to more

2023-02-03 08:47

For Lee Shih-hsiang and Huang Chieh-ni, a young Taiwan couple living in the Chinese mainland, Shanghai not only gives them the feeling of a second home, but also injects new life into their music careers.

Noting the beauty of history

2023-02-03 08:38

Celebrated composer Tan Dun's symphonic composition, Buddha Passion, inspired by the ancient murals of Dunhuang, makes its British debut.

City tastes success with salt of the earth

2023-02-03 07:50

During Spring Festival, which ends with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month — falling on Sunday this year — more people from around the country flock to Zigong to view its world-famous lanterns.

Zodiac rabbit hops into view

2023-02-03 08:15

As 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese zodiac, more than 300 depictions of the animal in paintings, cartoons and digital programs, are being showcased in Zodiac Art Exhibition, an exhibition of artworks, at the Shanghai Library's Pudong branch, which will run until Feb 19.

Home Coming director takes home his first individual award

2023-02-02 19:14

Established Chinese filmmaker Rao Xiaozhi has recently taken home the best director award, one of the top honors at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Film Festival, in India.

Highlights from Vancouver’s Chinatown Spring Festival Parade

2023-02-02 15:01

The annual Chinatown Spring Festival Parade in Vancouver, which hosts Canada’s largest Chinese community, returned on Jan 22 after being cancelled two years in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 200,000 people of different ethnic groups, including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took part in enjoying the festive vibes.

Uruguay releases Chinese zodiac stamp

2023-02-02 10:21

Correo Uruguayo, the national postal service in Uruguay, released a Chinese zodiac stamp on Jan 19 to mark the Year of the Rabbit and the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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