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Lao She Theater opens in Beijing

2022-11-07 15:13

A new theater, named after the late Chinese writer Lao She (1899-1966), was launched by Beijing Federation of Literary & Art Circles on Nov 5.

Montblanc brings limited collections to 5th CIIE

2022-11-07 15:08

As the first brand of Richemont Group to enter the Chinese market, German luxury brand Montblanc along with other brands of Richemont has participated in the 2022 China International Import Expo for the third consecutive year.

Dance drama inspired by Yan'an

2022-11-07 12:33

The Spring in Yangjialing, an original dance drama, premiered at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing.

Spicy Sichuan: Italian chef and mapo tofu

2022-11-07 10:27

Claudio Iobbi, an Italian chef serving as the Ambassador of Sichuan Cuisine, has not only demonstrated Sichuan cuisine to the world at the Milan Expo, but has also gone to Chengdu to learn how to make a perfect dish of mapo tofu.

Hot treats for cold comfort

2022-11-07 08:05

Start of Winter marks the beginning of winter as households prepare nourishing food.

Kunqu Opera wins global award

2022-11-05 10:36

Kunqu Opera, one of the oldest traditional Chinese art forms, with a history dating back about 600 years, has been recognized by the 2022 Global Art Promotion Award.

Traditional art, modern incentives

2022-11-05 10:35

Shandong province, where the Yellow River flows into the Bohai Sea, is exploring innovative ways to inherit time-honored cultural handicrafts, passed down through generations, and utilize ancient techniques to enrich people's cultural lives — not to mention their pockets.

Where heroes gave their all

2022-11-05 10:15

On the eve of the Red Army's Long March (1934-36), a milestone in China's revolutionary history, thousands of young soldiers fought until their last breath on Songmaoling, a mountain range in Fujian province, to cover the retreat of a major Red Army force.

Charge of the light brigade

2022-11-05 10:14

Almost a year since concluding the shooting of Light Chaser Rescue, director Zhang Tong still clearly remembers the behind-the-scenes details of an episode featuring the search and rescue of survivors of a devastating magnitude 6.0 earthquake.

Gilead Sciences participates in CIIE for first time, brings new products

2022-11-05 10:13

The fifth China International Import Expo, kicking off on Saturday, is offering great opportunities for internationally leading pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences to showcase its new discoveries in virology, oncology and mycology sciences, the company said.

Ink art, reframed approach

2022-11-05 10:11

Qi Baishi rose from being a humble carpenter in the countryside of his native Hunan province to be one of the most prominent and internationally renowned artists of Chinese ink tradition in the 20th century.

Miao people celebrate New Year in Guizhou

2022-11-04 15:33

People of the Miao ethnic group celebrate New Year in Danzhai county, Guizhou province. The festival is a time to celebrate the harvest, remember ancestors and show gratitude to nature.

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