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Italian chef brings a little of la dolce vita to Chongqing

2022-08-16 08:32

For young people in Southwest China's Chongqing, 62-year-old Italian chef Franco Bergamino-or, perhaps, more accurately, his dessert house Mimosa-is the "secret ingredient" to a sweeter life.

Down memorial lane

2022-08-16 07:52

In these modern times, many of the world's ancient post roads have long since been paved over, replaced and built on. However, for the residents of Longchang, a city under the administration of Neijiang in Sichuan province, one such road is the center of daily life.

Film zooms in on topical tales

2022-08-16 07:51

To most die-hard film fans, Her is the kind of high-profile movie that will quickly seize their attention. Gathering Sylvia Chang, Joan Chen and Li Shaohong-three of the most prestigious female filmmakers in Chinese-language movie circles-the upcoming production, starring actresses Zhou Xun and Sammi Cheng, aims to take the audience back to a recent special period that has impacted every one of us.

Nurture nature for our future

2022-08-16 07:50

The respect for life is a kind approach, says a man who has taken up the protection of Mother Nature as his lifetime work.

Harp summer camp nurtures interest in Chinese students

2022-08-15 15:52

Over 40 students ages 4 to 50 from the harp summer camp of the Gateway to Arts Summer Festival performed at Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing on Aug 12, ending the four-day camp.

Dance festival leaps through Xi'an

2022-08-15 11:30

Gathering top dancers and choreographers from around China, the Fifth Xi'an International Dance Festival kicked off at the Shaanxi Opera House in Xi'an, Shaanxi province to mark the fifth anniversary of the venue.

Chinese singer Gong Linna performs to mark solar terms

2022-08-15 11:16

Chinese singer Gong Linna held a concert at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on Aug 10.

Artists work showcases a permanent dedication to traditional ink

2022-08-15 11:11

Blossom in the Morning, an exhibition at the gallery of China National Academy of Painting, in Beijing, reviews its resident painter Qiao Yinan's progress with ink-color painting over three decades, starting with his early exploration while at art school.

Time frame

2022-08-15 07:56

When Yang Xin visits a village, seniors make it a point to dress up, as the 37-year-old woman sets up a red-cloth background to photograph them.

What's on

2022-08-15 07:55

what's on

A bonanza summer for domestic movie market

2022-08-12 14:18

Propelled by Louis Koo's sci-fi epic Warriors of Future, the box office receipts in summer — a lucrative period for movie market — has surpassed 7 billion yuan ($1.04 billion), indicating a strong momentum of recovery.

Amazing China in 60 Seconds: Gansu

2022-08-12 11:02

As an important part of the ancient Silk Road, Northwest China’s Gansu province has seen commercial and cultural exchanges between the East and West for millennia.

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