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New-style tea beverages brew up taste for more consumption

2023-12-09 11:29

Having enjoyed tea for over 2,000 years, Chinese tea enthusiasts are now welcoming innovations to this age-old beverage, with trends ranging from fruit tea and bubble tea, to blended drinks like chai lattes, which have created a thriving market.

Heritage faces growing weather threat

2023-12-09 11:23

As climate change causes damage to historical sites, technology and techniques offer vital solutions, Wang Ru reports.

Discovery of rare Western Han Dynasty tomb sheds precious light on the past

2023-12-09 11:10

A well-preserved tomb from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24), with a clear record of the year it was sealed, has been discovered in Wulong district of Southwest China's Chongqing, according to the Chongqing Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute.

Getting to grips with a new hand

2023-12-09 10:59

Artificial limbs are giving their users a greater sense of accomplishment, Wang Qian reports.

Off the beaten track

2023-12-09 09:55

Avoiding better-known Guizhou karst sites in favor of those hidden from plain sight serves to enhance an intrepid adventurer's sense of accomplishment, Chen Liang reports

Musicians hit the right note to attract homestay tourists

2023-12-09 09:31

A number of well-known guitarists were invited to Sheye Jilai homestay to help guests tune into the relaxed peninsula way of life. They staged duets and solo performances for tourists at the homestay in Wenling county-level city, Zhejiang province.

Learning from the past to guide the future

2023-12-09 09:13

Philosopher's ancient teachings remain valid today and are reaching an ever-widening audience, reports Ma Zhenhuan in Shaoxing, Zhejiang

Caring approach to those in need

2023-12-09 08:58

At a palliative care ward in the Beijing Haidian Hospital, an 82-year-old is busy typing his new book.

Film festival celebrates art of dance

2023-12-08 17:13

Dance in Images, a festival of films at the Institute of France in Beijing that opened on Thursday and will run to Saturday, will feature more than 20 dance films.

Aquaman film set to make splash at cinemas

2023-12-08 16:24

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to DC's highest-grossing film, will be released across the Chinese mainland on Dec 20, two days earlier than in North America.

Disability arts forum held in Guangzhou

2023-12-08 16:10

The 5th UK-China Disability Arts Forum, hosted by the British Council and the Beijing Body On and On Cultural Exchange Center, took place at the Yun Theater in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Dec 2 and 3.

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