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Plucking new heart strings

2016-12-16 07:49:40

Pipa player Yang Jing is reinvigorating the ancient instrument with original compositions, international performances and genre fusions.

Dynasties' delights on display

2016-12-13 07:01:04

Art auctions so far this year have generated several high prices for artworks from the Song and Yuan dynasties, including Yuan official-painter Ren Renfa's color work Five Drunken Kings on Horses that grossed 303.6 million yuan on Dec 4.

French musical based on Romeo and Juliet now in Beijing

2016-12-12 07:10:44

One of William Shakespeare's most celebrated plays, Romeo and Juliet, was adapted into a musical by French composer Gerard Presgurvic in 2001.

Beijing to hold show for young artists

2016-12-06 16:49:19

An exhibition of more than 100 works by 21 young Chinese and foreign artists will be held in Beijing later this month.

Artist uses a drum to make his work striking

2016-12-06 07:12:24

He was once a drummer in a school band, but Zheng Lu has now installed the 12-meter-high "musical instrument" at a solo exhibition in Shanghai.

Three cultures on canvas

2016-12-06 07:05:31

The Oriental Art of Painting show at the National Museum of China showcases works from the Beijing museum, the National Museum of Korea and the Tokyo National Museum.

Confucian influence on artists

2016-12-02 13:59:11

An ongoing painting exhibition, titled Origins of Great Beauty, shows how artists today infuse elements of Confucianism and Taoism into their ink works.

Grandiose wedding exhibition of Qing Emperors held in HK

2016-12-01 13:33:51

The exhibition entitled "Ceremony and Celebration: The Grand Weddings of the Qing Emperors" opened at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Hong Kong on Nov 29, 2016.

Vows of trust

2016-11-29 07:45:46

A copy of a personal undertaking signed in Tokyo by Sun Yat-sen and his wife, Soong Ching-ling, is at the center of an ongoing Beijing exhibition.

Comedy based on Bard's works set to make Beijing debut

2016-11-21 08:10:04

Shakespeare Company's show, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), made its debut. It has been running in London for almost 10 years, making it the longest running comedy in the city's theater history.

Lao She's novel 'Mr Ma and Son' adapted into a theater play

2016-11-17 16:03:39

After its debut in Beijing, the play Mr Ma and Son will be staged in Shanghai on Dec 2 and 3.

Where devotion transcends work and art

2016-11-11 08:14:04

For 30 years Kelsang Dawa has wielded drawing pens that help him to express his faith. Wang Kaihao and Li Yingqing report in Shangri-La, Yunnan.

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