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Guan Shanyue's works on display

2017-07-12 16:16:33

The late painter Guan Shanyue led his peers at the Lingnan School of Painting, formed in the early 20th-century in the southern city of Guangzhou, to revolutionize the classic Chinese mountain-and-water paintings. Guan also donated some 800 of his paintings to build an art museum named after him in Shenzhen in 1997.

Beijing art space shows tech influence

2017-07-13 06:06:43

The advancement of digital technology has not only helped expand artistic creativity but also enriched the experience of museum visits.

The Divine Michelangelo, a must-see exhibit in Beijing

2017-07-12 15:57:42

After a successful debut in Shanghai, The Divine Michelangelo Art Exhibition, opens to the public in Beijing on July 15.

Taiwan dance troupe to present impromptu moves in Beijing

2017-07-11 07:57:35

In 1988, dancer-choreographer Ku Ming-shen, then a teacher at the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, visited the University of Illinois in the United States.

Painter gives ancient thangka art a contemporary look

2017-07-11 07:20:23

For thousands of years, thangka paintings-a traditional Tibetan Buddhist art-have been placed at temples.

Decoding creativity

2017-07-11 07:09:28

A contemporary art exhibition in Beijing shows the works of some 40 artists and provides clues to future trends.

Mixing sounds

2017-07-06 07:33:25

Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun is a musician of many sounds.

Works by pioneer of night scenes on display

2017-07-04 07:45:42

Around 80 years ago, Chongqing provided a temporary shelter for people from northern and eastern China who had escaped the Japanese invasion. Among them was Zong Qixiang (1917-99), then an art student at the Central University.

Exhibition focuses on the 'xieyi' school of oil painting

2017-06-27 07:59:07

Chinese artists have sought to blend a Chinese temperament into their oil paintings since the genre arrived in the country a century ago.

Symphonic poem to be unveiled at joint concert

2017-06-26 07:31:46

Chinese composer Ye Xiaogang will premiere his latest symphonic poem, The China Story - Songs From the Steppe, with a joint performance of the Baotou Symphony Orchestra and the China National Symphony Orchestra at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on Wednesday.

Theater marks anniversary with Bard's comedy

2017-06-26 07:31:46

Beijing Comedy Theater will mark its second anniversary on July 16 by performing William Shakespeare's comedy The Merchant of Venice from July 11 to 30.

Award-winning actress Jiang Wenli makes a comeback

2017-06-26 07:37:03

Award-winning actress Jiang Wenli is back in the spotlight with a role in a Chinese stage adaptation of a Western romantic comedy.

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