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New Normal's many dimensions

2017-03-28 07:34:42

An ongoing exhibition at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is putting a renewed focus on its future.

Ludwigs' treasures

2017-03-28 07:21:58

The National Art Museum of China displays pieces donated by a German collector couple in 1996.

Showing love with puppets

2017-03-27 07:58:38

Alzheimer's triggers a time-travel play that a photographer dedicates to his father.

Peking Opera show based on 'Macbeth' set for Beijing debut

2017-03-27 07:49:02

Taipei-based actor and director Wu Hsing-kuo has not only done films in the past three decades, but also been involved with theater, contemporary dance and TV.

Afghanistan treasures highlight Beijing

2017-03-21 07:17:21

The three-month exhibition, Afghanistan: Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul, featuring artifacts from a legendary gold hoard, opens in Beijing's Palace Museum.

In tune with the times

2017-03-21 07:36:22

A German fair comes to China in the hope of drawing young art lovers.

Exhibition highlights work by Dunhuang pioneer

2017-03-21 08:39:45

While there is still debate over whether the studies of Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) of the murals in Dunhuang's Mogao Grottoes damaged the art, his work during a time of war and social upheaval is much prized.

Paintings reveal progress of 3 artists in new show

2017-03-14 07:44:22

The opening exhibition of N3 Gallery, on a quiet street deep in Beijing's 798 Art Zone, is as simple and straightforward as its title, Three Men Exhibition.

Pictorial tribute to Dunhuang Pioneer

2017-03-14 07:20:24

Copies of Chang Shana's works are now on show at her solo exhibition, Everlasting Beauty of Dunhuang, at Beijing's National Art Museum of China.

Play captures fading hutong life in Beijing

2017-03-09 09:40:49

Play Neighbors, adapted from award-winning writer Jing Yongming's novel Beijing Time, is being staged at Beijing's Chaoyang Culture Center Nine Theaters through March 12.

When photographs look like paintings

2017-03-07 08:26:33

The line between painting and photography has blurred in conceptual artist Fu Wenjun's works.

Treat for museum fans

2017-03-07 08:00:15

The much acclaimed exhibition, A History of the World in 100 Objects, is currently on at Beijing's National Museum of China.

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