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Panda gets a new stage

Updated: 2019-03-23 10:04:13

( China Daily )

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A live show based on a DreamWorks franchise about a much-loved animal is set to be staged in Macao from the end of the year

Five-time Tony-winning choreographer and director Susan Stroman, who is known for acclaimed shows, including The Producers, Oklahoma and Young Frankenstein, will bring out her latest live show based on DreamWorks franchise of the animated comedy Kung Fu Panda, which will be staged as a resident show at the Venetian Theatre in Macao, a popular destination spot, commencing December 2019.

Combining Hollywood, Broadway and circus, the production, Kung Fu Panda Spectacular Live is for all ages as it incorporates storytelling, visual design, immersive aerial moves and acrobatics as well as puppetry and martial arts.

"I think as an artist you're always looking for something that you've never done before. I've crossed over into many art forms-musical theater, dramatic theater, opera, ballet, modern dance, movies and television. And I'm always looking forward. So, it's an incredible feeling to now be able to say that I created a show in China for the Chinese. I am so very grateful and deeply honored to have this chance," says Stroman in an email interview with China Daily.

"It will be my first time working on a production in China-in fact it's my first time creating a new show in a foreign language. It's culturally overwhelming but also very stimulating."

Speaking about the new show, she says that it started with Broadway Asia, one of the largest production, licensing and touring companies of live entertainment in the Asia Pacific region, and DreamWorks, who always wanted to create a big live show based on Kung Fu Panda.

The producers of the show, Simone Genatt and Marc Routh, who are also founders of Broadway Asia, invited Stroman to join the production.

Speaking about the production, Genatt, who is also the chairman and executive producer of Broadway Asia, says: "We have been working in China and Asia for over 20 years and definitely see a massive growing appetite for large scale live attraction entertainment.

"Kung Fu Panda is a beloved story which belongs to the Chinese and Asia. This will be a must-see dynamic physical live show filled with heart, humor and the power to achieve dreams."

As for her role in the show, Stroman says: "It sounded so exciting to me because the show could really be an intersection of Broadway musical theater, Cirque du Soleil, Hollywood-all those worlds coming together in one spectacular immersive experience."

The script for the show is by David Thompson, whom Stroman has collaborated with many times.

And for the performance, Thompson combines the plots from the Kung Fu Panda 1 and 3 into a 70-minute story.

In the show, the hilarious and heartwarming characters from the films come to life in an extraordinary action-filled live performance.

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