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The Zhuangs believe in the primitive religion and worship their ancestors. Some of them believe in Catholicism and others in Christianism. The famous festivals include the March Third Singing Festival.

 Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most ceremonious festive event for the Zhuangs. Other festivals include Yuangui Festival on July 15, March Third Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Mid Autumn Festival on August 15, Dragon Boat Festival, Double Ninth Festival, Fresh Tasting Festival, Midwinter, Cow Spirit Festival, and Festival of Sending off the Kitchen God, etc.

The preparation of the Spring Festival usually starts after sending off the Kitchen God on the twelfth month of the lunar year. Pigs are slain on the 27th, Zongzi (glutinous rice dumpling) is made on the 28thand Ziba cake (a kind of cake made of sticky rice) is made on 29th. On the eve, a whole cooked cock is the most special dish on the table. On the 1stday of the New Year, people drink sticky rice wine, and eat boiled rice dumpling. On the 2ndday, they start visiting friends and relatives and pay the New Year call. Their gifts include Ziba cake, Zongzi, pop rice candy, etc. It lasts until the beginning of the Lantern Festival on January 15. In some regions, it lasts until the end of January of the lunar calendar.

 Tomb-Sweeping Day

On March 3, people will go to sweep tombs according to their customs. On the occasion, every family will send people to sweep tombs of ancestors with five colored rice and colored eggs. The elder will narrate the family story and the rules of the clan. They will have a picnic together including singing in an antiphonal style. Since 1940, the tradition has been developed to the singing contest, which is more spectacular than before.

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