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The Lightest Silk Clothing


With 1.60 meters long, long-sleeved and as light as 48 grams, the plain voile Buddhist garment which was unearthed from Tomb No.1 of Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb is the lightest silk clothing in chinese history.

It is light as the mist and as fine as gossamer. Since it was so light, the upper class of that time always wore more than 10 pieces of this kind of clothing for formal occasions.

And why the cloth is so light? The research found out that “silk worms from that era were much smaller than today’s variety, thus they could spin silk that was much thinner and lighter than today’s silk worms.” Scients even took 13 years to do the research. They fed the certain silk worms which were close to those in the ancient times and then used the silk they spun to make a duplicate.

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