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Miao Ethnic Group


The Miao ethnic minority mainly live in the border areas of the provinces of southwest China. They have their own language. In the areas of the Miao ethnic minority, they take farming as the main work and hunting as the supplementary. Their cross-stitch work, embroidery, brocade, batik, paper-cut and handmade ornaments, etc., are world-famous for their elegant techniques. The headwear of the Miao ethnic minority is all made of silver, with many varieties.

Their headwear includes silver horn, silver fan, silver cap, silver kerchief, silver fluttering headwear, silver hairpin, silver pin, silver head flower, silver network chain, silver comb, silver earring, silver bonnet ornament and so on.

 Silver Horn

The silver horn is branched on top, whose major pattern is usually two dragons playing with a ball. Both the dragons and the ball are raised patterns, about one centimeter above the base surface. Girls will put some chick feathers on the two ends of the silver horn, and the chick feathers wavering in wind will make the silver horn look much lofty and have a sense of fleeting beauty as well.         

 Silver Cap

The silver cap is a headwear of the Miao ethnic minority for dressing up. It is made from numerous silver flowers and silver bells containing various kinds of patterns such as birds, butterflies and animals, giving an impression of pearls and jade all over the head, so elegant and magnificent.        

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