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The Xibes celebrate many traditional festivals, which are mostly similar to those of the Hans, such as the Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, and Dragon Boat Festival, etc.

Prior to the last day of a lunar year, every family will slay pigs and sheep, and prepare various dishes, New Year cakes and fried rice balls. On the night of the eve, all family members make dumplings and cook them on January 1; and January 2, people will eat longevity noodles. While making the noodles, the pastry will be cooked in another pot, taken out and put in water. While eating, people put the meat soup in the noodle, which means to send off the former year and welcome the new one.

The Xibes in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region fix April 18 of each lunar calendar year as the West Moving Festival. During the festival, every family will eat fish, and steam meat. On the occasion, people will go picnic in groups. In the past, every family made pastry catsup, and preserved it as spice for future use in a jar.

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