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  Tibetan Hats  

Tibet has frequent windstorms, cold weather, and strong sunshine, so its people like to wear hats. But the styles they choose are more than just to protect them from the elements, and can relate to status, sex and region. The most common is called the "Xamo Gyaise" -- golden thread hat.

Typically, linings are made with felt. The top is decorated using golden silk and the edges are inlaid with silk ribbon. Hats are designed with four edges, with the front and back larger than the left and right. All sides are furlined.

Made of fine materials, the hats are very warm and loved by both men and women. When worn by women, the two larger edges are placed inside, leaving the left and right parts outside. Men where the left, right and back edges inside, leaving only the front out. In snowy weather, all four edges are placed outside. The elderly usually keep all four edges outside, however.

In a cold climate, Tibetan men, especially those living in Chamdo areas, usually wear a hat made of fox skin, felt or leather, to ward off cold. The latter two have two colored silk ribbons, giving off a solemn, graceful look.

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