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Tibetan Quilts

Tibetan quilts are an indispensable part of people's lives and have a 1,000-year history. Generally speaking, such quilts are fine, clean, even, soft, high-density, thick and durable.
Tibetan Knives

The Tibetan knife is essential and indispensable to Tibetan daily life. Most Tibetans, male or female, carry knives. Indeed, knives have become a kind of decoration loved by boys and girls.
Tibetan Hats

Tibet has frequent windstorms, cold weather, and strong sunshine, so its people like to wear hats.
Tibetan Robes

Robes are Tibetans' main traditional clothes. They are mainly made of pulu woven with wool in farming areas, and of sheepskin in more pastoral areas.
Tibetan Rugs

Handmade woolen rugs have been part of the Tibetan culture for hundreds of years. They are an integral part of the daily life and Buddhist practices of typical Tibetan households.
Tibetan Boots

Tibetans, no matter men or women, generally wear boots. Tibetan boots have a great variety and a multitude of names.They are divided into three kinds, generally according to materials used: cowhide, corduroy and pulu.
Tibetan Jewelry

Jewelry has traditionally been an important part of Tibetan daily dress.
Gold and Silver Objects

Gold and silver wares are also traditional Tibetan crafts. Gold and silver wares in Tibet are generally divided into two categories.
Tibetan Masks

The Tibetan mask is a kind of handcraft article evolved from the Tibetan opera and the religious masks suspended in temples.
Tibetan Wooden Bowls

Those who travel in Tibet often express deep amazement at the impressive wooden bowls local people use.
Pulu Fabric

Pulu is Tibetans' traditional woolen fabric and the main material for making robes, boots, hats, and other items for Tibetans in farming areas, and in cities and towns.

Thangka, seen in every monastery and family shrine in Tibet, is actually a kind of Tibetan scroll-banner painting and is a unique art form that belongs to the Tibetan culture.
Tibetan Apron

Tibetan apron is a kind of woolen fabric, known as bangdian in the Tibetan language.
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