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Tibet invests 57m yuan to maintain ruins

The government has invested more than 57 million yuan (about $8.8 million) to maintain the ruins of the famed Guge Dynasty, an ancient kingdom in western Tibet autonomous region, local authorities said.
Parkhor Street witnesses great changes in China's Tibet

As one of the most distinct and attractive old blocks in the world, Parkhor Street is unique with contrastive features and stunning diversity. It is a place where Tibetan tradition meets modern fashion, religious sanctity mixes with commercial prosperity.
Ancient Tibetan temples get makeover

In southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, where ancient Buddhist temples dating back several centuries are receiving a facelift, a professional team is hard at work to ensure an authentic restoration at Sera Monastery near the regional capital Lhasa.
600-year-old Tibetan opera survives changes

For 600 years Tibetan opera has been performed mostly by part-time farmers-turned-actors in an open space in front of festive village crowds, but now it is entering a college classroom.
Internet becomes part of Tibetans' life

Monastery life might be mostly about preforming daily rituals and studying sutras, but Thupten still finds time to surf the Net.
Largest Tibet monastery to complete repairs

The preservation project of Drepung Monastery, the largest monastery in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, is expected to be completed by the end of this year.
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