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Tibetan hip-hop dancer keeps his roots in mind

During the weekend Sonam Tseten joins thousands of pilgrims to pray at the sacred Jokhang Temple in downtown Lhasa. He is by no means different from other Tibetans living in the city.
Freedom for the daughters of Tibet

If I were not in Washington, I'd like to be in Tibet this week as the autonomous region celebrates the 60th anniversary of its peaceful liberation.
From Beijing to Tibet

From Beijing we journeyed to Tibet. From the city we travelled headlong into countryside. The western station for the train to Tibet was another humongous superstructure, a staggeringly confusing maze which we could never negotiate without Xun.
Tibet in western writer's eyes

In 2009, a German writer Tom Kahn published a novel titled "Das Tibet Projekt", meaning "Project about Tibet" in English. This book introduces many true stories of Tibet which are different from what most western countries propagated.
Luobu Sida: a leading Thang-ga painter and a committed teacher

Thang-ga is scroll painting usually mounted on colorful satins and fabrics. Developed in the 7th century, this unique style of painting is made by folk handicraftsmen and holds a sacred place in Tibetans' hearts.
Cidan Duoji: teach Tibetan Opera until the last moment

The 600-year-old Tibetan Opera has stayed intact from globalization and has been protected and developed well thanks to the substantial support from the government, a leading Tibetan Opera master told China Daily during an exclusive interview.
Potala Palace's new guardian devoted to his job

Five months after being appointed chief administration officer of the Potala Palace in Tibet, Qungda still feels the heavy weight of responsibility.
Monks' debate

One stage, three stars and hundreds of spectators – a monk's debate starts. China Daily's multimedia reporter Feng Xin was in Sera Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region to witness the whole process. She takes you to find out how the air became quite tense.
Medical system now in healthy condition

Tashi Tsering, the 61-year-old former director of the Nyalam county health bureau, has witnessed huge changes in Tibet's medical system.
Researcher goes back to hometown in Lhasa

"I love my hometown, and I hope to gain more achievements here, to make my hometown more beautiful," said Zhoigar, a Tibetan senior engineer at a meteorology institute in Lhasa, capital of the Tibet autonomous region.
Closer to heaven: Tibet offers escape from the world with natural, spiritual charm

Snowy mountains, golden-roofed monasteries, monks clad in saffron robes and tanned nomads -- these are some of the many images of Tibet that stand out.
Living with legends

Living in Tibet perhaps also means living with legends. You don't know when a custom began, how it was passed on, and why nobody ever questioned it.
"I think of Buddha."

Bow after bow, prayer after prayer, tens of thousands of devout Buddhists worship Buddha every day. For followers who believe in reincarnation, life doesn't really have a beginning or an end, just like a circle, so they call their worship "circling the scripture".
The Potala Palace's secret

It’s not easy taking care of a 1,300-year-old building – not to mention, it was built more than 12,000 feet above sea level – on a mountain.
Serve the goddess who drinks

Bringing all the necessary offerings, China Daily's multimedia reporter Feng Xin takes you to Drashilhakang Monastery, in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet autonomous region, to serve one goddess who drinks.
Award-winning Tibetan author tells redemption story

In a strange dream, Nyandrak saw his deceased wife suffering endlessly in hell for her past sins, unable to become reincarnated.
Memories etched in ink

One man's love of Lhasa's Barkhor Street fuels a voracious appetite for pen-and-ink drawings of its ancient buildings.
Call of home

He fled Lhasa during the 1959 rebellion but after living abroad Xiagorkenzhulyexebaldan returned in 1994.
Old soul meets new face on Barkhor pilgrimage path

As the first beam of morning sunlight hits the tops of the flagpoles in front of Lhasa's Jokhang Temple, Drolma Lhamo begins her daily ritual walk along Barkhor Street.
Sweet home on the plateau

Although the 63-year-old Tibetan has rarely stepped out of his hometown, he has met people from everywhere in his small home inn in Nyingchi county, in the southeastern part of the Tibet autonomous region.
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