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· "Tibetan class": Real life story moved onto screen(2011-07-26)
· Gala celebrates Tibet's 60th anniversary(2011-07-21)
· Tibet celebrates key anniversary(2011-07-20)
· Fireworks celebrate Tibet's key anniversary(2011-07-20)
· Celebration marks peaceful liberation(2011-07-20)
· Tibet marks 60th anniversary of peaceful liberation(2011-07-19)
  Tibet Today
· New homes a comfort to herdsmen(2011-07-21)
· State Council approves $21b investment in Tibet(2011-07-20)
· Travel made easy on 'roof of the world'(2011-07-18)
· China to raise college enrollment rate in Tibet(2011-07-18)
· Life expectancy in Tibet nearly doubled(2011-07-11)
· Tibet's first five-star hotel opens in Lhasa(2011-05-30)
  Cultural Achievement
· Tibet invests 57m yuan to maintain ruins(2011-05-16)
· Parkhor Street witnesses great changes in China's Tibet(2011-05-12)
· Ancient Tibetan temples get makeover(2011-05-12)
· 600-year-old Tibetan opera survives changes(2011-05-11)
· Internet becomes part of Tibetans' life(2011-05-10)
· Largest Tibet monastery to complete repairs(2011-05-09)
  Cultural Heritage
  Ethnic Flavors
The Aborigines
Of the many ethnic groups living in Tibet, the Tibetan, Naxi, Nu, Hui, Moinba, and Lhoba together with Deng and Sherpa groups have been inhabitants of Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region since ancient times.
· Deng People
· Lhoba Ethnic Minority
· Moinba Ethnic Group
· Sherpa People
Ghee, tea, tsamba, and beef and mutton are known as four treasures of Tibetan food, besides Barley wine and various milk products.
· Roles of Tibetan Knives
· Drinking Buttered Tea
· Culture of Wooden Bowls
· Tibetan Hats
· Tibetan Tea Culture
Tibet's traditional sports are the product of the autonomous region's particular natural environment and the people's customs.
· Development of Tibetan Traditional Sports
· Outdoor Sports Popular in Lhasa
· Sport in Lhokha
· Hua'er Meeting
Unlike the Han people, Tibetans living in different areas celebrate their New Year in varying ways and at different times.
· Spring Festivals
· Summer Festivals
· Autumn Festivals
· Winter Festivals
· Tibet Festivals
  Historic Sites & Scenic Spots
Tibet in Brief
Tibet A-Z MORE
· Peaceful Liberation of Tibet
· 17-Point Agreement
· Concise Tibet History
Prefectures MORE
· Lhasa
· Shannan Prefecture
· Xigaze Prefecture
· Nagqu Prefecture
· Nyingchi Prefecture
· Chamdo Prefecture
· Ngari Prefecture
Tibetan Bests MORE
· Tibet's First King
· Lhasa:World's Highest City
· Tibet's Earliest Palace
Tibet in My Eyes MORE
Special Products
· Tibetan Quilts
· Tibetan Knives
· Tibetan Hats
Snacks MORE
· Tsamba
· Sweet Milk Tea
· Buttered Tea
Medical Herbs MORE
· Meadow Saffron
· Aweto
· Red Orpin
Local Specialties MORE
· Highland Barley
· Ginseng
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